Is Laser Tattoo Removal the New Trend in Tattooing?

Published on March 14, 2014 by Jodie Michalak
Courtesy X Tattoo Removal

I have some good and not so good news for both artists and enthusiasts today.


First, for the artists tirelessly complaining about tattooing the same old, same old designs over and over could be slowing down.


For enthusiasts, that same old, same old tattoo design you bare, can effectively be removed with laser technology. Yes it's a costly and painful procedure, but new technology  such as PicoSure promise more effective treatments, often cutting standard treatments by half the amount of time.


Celebrities such as Kelly Osbourne and Drew Barrymore have both jumped on board to warn the public to Think Before You Ink, as they have  both set up to remove the markings of their infamous wild childhoods with the help of  laser technology.


How Can the Laser Tattoo Removal Trend Help Your Business?


First, consider this an opportunity to begin specializing in tattoo cover-ups. Many people simply aren't happy with their designs. If the new tattoo was perhaps bigger or even more meaningful, they might be on board to consider a custom cover-up design.


We all know bigger can be better, and the small and uninspired Shrinky Dink tattoos of days past have also lost their appeal. Start uploading your tattoo cover-ups on your member profile and build a reputation for changing the face of permanent art.


For enthusiasts, be sure to check out artists profiles and put plenty of thought and consideration into your tattoo commitment, placement and artist selection before you make it permanent.


We know zombies and Sugar Skulls are hot right now, but that trend could be dead before you know it.


Your body, your choice. Just remember there is a new tattooing trend in town...remove it, or improve it.


Images courtesy Hung Tattoo Parlor and X Tattoo Removal




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