Lacing Comedy and Hip-Hop: Niker Groze Is One Unique Talent

Published on June 19, 2017 by Jessica_Golich

Whether it is the music video that drags you in with the kick-off of a newscaster diving into a storm that doesn’t fit the norm or simply the charm that Niker Groze delivers over his latest release, “Shake that Booty”, it is evident that Niker is doing his own thing. Born in India and bringing the life experiences that led him toward becoming an artist, Niker has only lived in North America for a little over 12 years and has released his fears to express himself in a manner that is both comical and catchy. Ensuring to place a variety of cultures and all shapes and sizes into the mix to create a space for equality throughout the music video for “Shake That Booty”, Niker thinks forward and showcases that he cares to bring all walks of life together to have fun and let it all out.


Although the lyrical content is quite simple, “Shake That Booty” is a track that draws in listeners for summer fun and is the perfect road-trip jam on the way to kick it with friends and the fam. “Nobody in life is going to wait for you, so do what you are made to do” is one lyrical proclamation that showcases that Niker has reached a level of liberation within while dishing out words of encouragement for those who are afraid to express themselves in the manner that they desire.


Yes, Niker Groze is certainly not what you expect from a Hip-Hop artist, yet is a reminder that anyone from any walk of life can do and express themselves whichever way that they deem fit. If you’re looking for a Saturday night jam to get you going for a night out, then Niker Groze is your man. Support the underground and check out Niker Groze on Soundcloud.




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