Karl Phillips and The Rejects Release “Plastic Gangsta”

Published on May 13, 2017 by Jessica_Golich

Coming out of the woodwork with an in-your-face track that incorporates elements of Hip-Hop and Ska while sprinkling in bits of Punk, Karl Phillips creates an innovative style of his own over his latest release, “Plastic Gangsta”. Leading into the hyper-kinetic chorus and welcoming upswing that gets listeners throwing their hands in the air without a care, “Plastic Gangsta” is a jam-packed punch that is bound to capture a wave of attention from a variety of goblins and goons eager to cut a rug.

Dishing out a variety of textures and moods, Karl’s vocals dip and dive through multiple genres over “Plastic Gangsta” with ease over a thrilling, wisecracking lyrical attack showcasing the bread and butter of another’s bitter reality. Remnants of nostalgia including strawberry hard candy, flashy gold chains, sugar skulls, dimly-lit bars and Kappa track jackets worn with confidence cleverly show up throughout the “Plastic Gangsta” music video and add a touch of wit that is deserving of attention and praise.

Karl Phillips and his 7 piece Rock band are a fresh surge of Ska-minded punks with an “anything goes” musical style that’ll lay the groundwork for the resurgence of Ska and indeed bud a lively scene. Delivering “Plastic Gangsta” just in time for the track to become your summer anthem of fun, flair and invigorating positive energy as you fall under the belief that you are capable of doing anything, high five to Karl for spreading nothing but good vibes over a carefully crafted track and video ahead of it’s time. Round up your absurd and endearingly goofy gang of amigos and welcome in the sunshine with this buoyant new track that gets you ready to rock the beach and hazy heat with a spunky dose of attitude and vigor.

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