Introducing Intenze Vita Tat

Published on May 25, 2017 by Jessica_Golich

Think about it: every waking hour, our skin is exposed to toxins in our food, water, air, direct sunlight, household items, slathering on moisturizer, etc. Your brand new tattoo is a major investment, and although the lure of the sun draws you in, its electric rays pass through your skin and can damage your skin cells and drain the vibrancy and life out of a freshly tattooed piece. Rather than live with the dirty residue of regret, INTENZE has stepped up to the plate and collaborated with certified pharmacists to create a supplement that is essential to your tattoo experience.

It’s evident that a variety of advancements and technological innovations within the tattoo industry are revolutionizing the tattooing experience in ways beyond linear expectations and well-known common practices. As a key player in the tattoo industry and world for over 15 years, founded by artists, INTENZE's goal has always been to improve the artistry of tattooing first and foremost. Over the years, INTENZE has expanded the range of colors available to artists worldwide, provided cutting-edge educational content to artists, and has collaborated with medical professionals to release an innovative new aftercare product called the INTENZE Vita Tat, designed to enhance and preserve the quality of tattoos. Not only does Vita Tat aid in the tattoo healing process, but it also prepares the human body for the penetration of rapidly moving needles embedding your mind's creations that’ll stare back at you in the mirror until the end of your time.


Imagine how it feels to stare at a bland, sun-exposed, poorly taken care of piece that you desired to look as though you oughta enter the piece into a ‘Best Of’ contest at a local tattoo expo? Answer that one for yourself.


Serving as a supplement that will greatly reduce your exposure to toxins, Vita Tat is the latest, greatest and cutting-edge tattoo product, multivitamin, mineral and botanical supplement that incorporates the latest medical and scientific research for optimum results. Rather than topical application that can hinder reparation and new skin cell growth, orally ingesting a supplement as such serves for the body to further absorb its targeted vitamins and minerals.


INTENZE Vita Tat nourishes your skin from the inside out and carries properties of every natural healing agent that belongs in your medicine cabinet within a single supplement. Promoting optimal health and vitality, INTENZE Vita Tat enables skin cells to regenerate and serves to promote the longevity of the appearance of your new tattoo. In a culture of jazz hands and mega-corporation hunger, Vita Tat does not sugarcoat the truth behind the acknowledgment of the body's essential needs to endure such a grueling process such as getting tattooed and has stepped up to the plate for the universal benefit of all.


Whether you’re in preparation mode or dealing with the after effect or lack thereof, Vita Tat is the answer to all of your tattoo healing needs. Learn more for yourself and follow the link to a video with medical professionals introducing INTENZE Vita Tat and share your experience and results with a friend so they aren’t scorned with the brutal reality of having a poorly executed tattoo experience on their skin until the very end.


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