Interview: My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult

Published on October 12, 2017 by Jessica_Golich

Industrial legends, My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult, have made thirty years in the big leagues look easy as one of the pioneers of a genre that has waxed and waned throughout the years. As a band that set-out to provide the shock of the new and unexplored, My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult fulfilled their longings for authenticity and are not hanging up their hats anytime soon.   I caught up with founding member, Groovie Mann, to discuss the legacy of the band, the 30th-anniversary tour, current technology, tattoos and more.


Let's kick off with a bang. Is there a follow-up to your twelfth studio album, ‘Spooky Tricks’, currently in the works?


Hello to you all there at Tattoo! Buzz and I are currently wrapping up the 7th LP; still need to finish the arrangements, lyrics, and vocals, then it’s on to mixing. For now, it’s just known as Untitled Story Soundtrack


Your stage show is known to be absolutely outrageous. What has been one of the greatest and most insane crowd reactions that you've ever received?


We vary between performing as a full band and a duo, which we originally began and are essential as we melded from the beginning jam sessions fused with beer, pot, speed, cassettes, and emaxes. There have been so many moments. Once, when Ron-Louanne as dressed and the devil in the audience carrying a pitchfork with hotdogs on it and a butane torch, handing them out while the band was playing. Or there was Jesus on a foam rubber cross wearing a strap-on. Even the cops laughed when they saw that prop.


What are your thoughts on the current state of industrial music?


Industrial music? It needs a bump. Or a hit of Acid. It needs to move beyond the dated industrial sounds; it needs a rebirth, a new name & genre, and we need more real artists to excel. Self-taught talents are limited and don’t cross the board into pure expressed art from the soul.



Any upcoming tour or festival appearance plans that you can fill us in about?!

Very thrilled about our 30 Year Show Tour! Thrilled to play our first 2 LPs (I See Good Spirits and I See Bad Spirits and Confessions of a Knife). Excited about the lineup with Percussionist Bradley of Chant & also the wicked big Arena Rock joining us in these shows this year and next!

Are there are fellow bands/musicians that just put out a release that you’re really diggin’ at the moment?


  • kETvECTOR is a brilliantly insane producer/percussionist.

  • Justin Bennett of TKK and Skinny Puppy

  • 3Teeth - they look raunchy & hell-hot, but I haven't heard their sound.

  • And of course, Curse! who is doing great with a one-man show.


If you could get tattooed by any tattoo artist in the world, budget free, what would you get tattooed and which tattoo artist would you choose?


Thomas Hooper is my all time fave though I love a couple Australian artists. Thomas is the top in my mind’s eye!  He did my first real tattoo, pre-famous, love his art, I guess I’d have him start my frontal skull cap? Thomas Hooper is in Austin now at Rock of Ages Tattooing!


What do you perceive is the trick to longevity in the music industry?


Changes keep it challenging, interesting, and motivating! Ignites us alive, a fountain of youth and madness all come with change; break on thru to the other side! It’s a must and it happens naturally to most artists.



If you had the opportunity to collaborate for one track with any artist either dead or alive, who would you choose and why?


Oh, it's a toss between writing & composers.  think Patti Smith would be brilliant since she opened my 17-year-old brain to words! I also think Nick Cave & Chris Connelly are superb. Producer/ Writers? John Cale is still amazing. Aphex Twin. I think a lot of these "Industrial" guys today are really overrated. Jim Thirlwell is highly talented and always has been.



What has been the greatest technological advancement that you have encountered over the years that has helped streamline and enhance your sound?


I suppose computers opened doors into immediate artistic adventure and satisfaction for one’s sound vision. I had a secretary’s small style laptop in 1985. I lived with a Systems Developer at the time. PC brainchild. Though I am not a computer savvy type of guy, he wrote software for programs that didn’t even exist yet. I used PC since he hated Macs. He liked building his own gear & keeping knowledge about what he was doing instead of instant this & that.

Yes- Apple is fine, Pro Tools, I know most everyone uses it.


Last but certainly not least, any closing messages for your fans?


Keep groovin', experimenting, listening, learning, being original, and break from your peer's ears. Hear yourself work!  Musical History is good to listen to and know! Don't act like you don’t care just to be beyond it cause you may look silly if you don’t know that Brian Ferry was in a band!  A lot is going on and we are in the center of it happening? Now let’s create! Thanks for all your energies.


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