Inside Look at MD Tattoo Studio [Video]

Published on October 31, 2013 by Leo Gomon
Mike DeVries Portraits

Meet Mike DeVries and the crew at MD Tattoo Studio:



MD Tattoo Studio is one of the country’s most prestigious and professional tattoo shops. It’s no surprise that artists like Josh Duffy and London Reese cut their teeth under the world class talent of Mike DeVries and company; something about just being present at MD Tattoo Studio elevates artistry to a new level. The collection of artists at MD all have a long history of working closely with Mike, and it is a fusion of their diverse talent, and their tight knit, welcoming tattoo shop that keeps the awards and clients flooding through the doors.



Artist Katelyn Crane first met DeVries when he was her tattoo artist. After traveling the convention circuit with DeVries, she landed an apprenticeship and the rest was history. Her meticulous work ethic and dedication to art shows in her tattooing. Every single piece is custom drawn and focused on individually to perfectly complement and satisfy her clients. Marc Durrant is a jack of all trades; his versatile ability to mold to any tattoo style keeps his chops at the highest ability, from vivid color saturation to smooth and emotive black and grey, he can do it all.


The newest addition to MD Tattoo Studio, Daniel Chashoudian, has been friends with DeVries since childhood and even apprenticed under the same artist, Jimmy Hyak. Chashoudian prefers black and grey, but applies modern line work and shading techniques to give it his own flair. Jamie Lee Parker also apprenticed under Mike, and was a graphic designer before he changed mediums and became a color realism guru and an extremely reputable artist worldwide.


Artist Jamie Lee Parker

Jamie Lee Parker Breaking Bad Tattoo



Rather than being limited to traditional methods of time consuming image rendering and drawing, the artists at MD Tattoo Studio are well versed in Photoshop and the digital technology at their disposal. Mike Devries and Jaime Lee Parker are both extremely proficient at using technology to their advantage; Because the majority of their requests center around the color-realism style, it is both more effective in terms of the execution of the tattoo and saves a lot of time.


Aside from being one of the best and most respect tattooers around the world, able to execute any style with inhuman precision, vibrancy, and beauty, DeVries is a renaissance man of sorts; he is a partial owner of StencilStuff, Memento Publishing, distributes Inkjecta tattoo machines and dedicates a lot of his time to charity and community work. All of this stacked on top of providing for his family and running a business makes it appear as though he has no time for anything else, but somehow he manages all of his projects without compromise.


Check out MD Tattoo Studio at 9545 Reseda Blvd, Northridge, CA.


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