Inside Look at Cornerstone Tattoo Gallery [Video]

Published on October 15, 2013 by Leo Gomon
Sketchy Lawyer Elephant

Watch our latest Inside Look shop video at Cornerstone Tattoo Gallery in Senoia, GA:



Take a step inside Cornerstone Tattoo Gallery and you’ll feel like you’ve traveled back to the early 1900’s. Mason jars, antique frames, traditional artwork, woodgrain decor drape the walls, giving the shop an old fashioned, relaxed atmosphere that blends perfectly with the town of Senoia, Georgia, which is the setting of AMC’s the Walking Dead fictional “Woodbury” town. All of this, of course, was intentional; Jason Lawyer aka Sketchy Lawyer wanted his tattoo shop to be a staple of Senoia’s culture, he wanted to represent the towns identity through his tattoos.

Born in Virginia Beach, VA, Lawyer began seriously tattooing and established himself as a talented and dedicated tattooer. After moving to Georgia four years ago, he gained even more credibility and envisioned a tattoo studio of his own. And so, Cornerstone Tattoo Gallery was born in October of 2012. With his own unique, illustrative and bold new school style, Lawyer’s tattoos truly stand out. But he didn’t do it alone...


Lawyer brought along Klint Ritch to round out the talent at Cornerstone. Ritch, who hails from Miami, FL, is known as the shop mechanic due to his diversity in tattoo styles and imaginative design. Though known for his neo-traditional tattooing, Ritch compliments Lawyer perfectly; they feed off of each other's talents and give the public an amazing tattoo experience from start to finish. Cornerstone also features Bryan Belcher as the resident piercer with over 15 years experience, furthering the prestige, professionalism and comfort that the shop offers the people of Senoia.


Being South Atlanta’s only 100% disposable/single use needle tattoo shop, Cornerstone provides upscale service with some of the best tattoo artists in the area. Check out Cornerstone Tattoo Gallery at 48 Main St. Senoia, GA, just south of Atlanta.


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