Inkfreak Inc. Somerset Tattoo Shop in Wisconsin

Published on April 19, 2014 by Jodie Michalak

Boasting naturalistic views of the Apple River, the comfortable Inkfreak, Inc. Somerset tattoo shop in Wisconsin is co-owned by tattoo artist Jinx Lyon and her partner, Chris Langer, and specializes in both nature and lettering tattoos.


I spoke with Chris for a moment to find out what makes this Somerset tattoo shop a unique and inspiring location to get inked.


Tell me about your Somerset tattoo shop and the artist’s specialty:

Currently we have my partner/ artist Jinx Lyon, and one apprentice.


Jinx has been tattooing for 18 years. Our apprentice Minion has been at it for six. Jinx tends to do lots of wildlife tattoos at the shop, like wolves and bears, whereas Minion does lots of awesome lettering work.


How do your artists find new inspirations for their work?

Mostly life and just being out there in nature.


For example, if someone comes in wanting a bear or wolves for a tattoo, Jinx will look at the subject themselves, real live images that she’ll either pull up from magazines or the Internet. There’s no flash in our studio, we’re purely a custom shop.


What personal sacrifices have you made to become Somerset tattoo shop owners and professional artists?    

Jinx and I have had to give up Saturdays and our evenings, we’re open 12-8 during the summer. We like to get on our bikes and go for a ride at least once a month, so that’s something we’ve had to plan ahead now, in order to do.


Does Jinx attend any tattoo conventions?

With booth rental and travel expenses and knowing we’d have to close our doors to our shop customers for several days, conventions are currently not cost effective. The good thing is people travel from other cities to visit us.


There are lots of award competitions at tattoo shows and we don’t put much stock into those either, our biggest rewards are happy and return customers.


Describe a time you where you believe the talent at Inkfreak, Inc. truly helped someone?

We had a man come in who was 60 years old and going for his first tattoo. He had been in Vietnam and of course saw all types of tattoos, but he never knew what he wanted. He opted for a tattoo on his lower forearm; it’s a soldier’s cross with the American flag.


We’ve also had a woman who came in who was 86 years old. She got a rose on her forearm. We’ve tattooed three generations of family and our motto is “A family that gets tattooed together stays together.”


When you aren’t at Inkfreak, Inc. tattooing, you guys can be found…

Riding, or hanging out with our three dogs. We also have a few good core friends, so we go out and about and just enjoy our friendships and company.


Describe Inkfreak Inc. tattoo shop in just one word:

Comfortable. We’ve got a huge deck overlooking  Apple River. We’re slightly Northwoods and slightly industrial.


And we have a nice big comfortable couch.


Have you been to Inkfreak? Be sure to visit their Member Profile to check out portfolios, book an appointment, or leave an artist review.


Images courtesy Inkfreak Inc.


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