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Published on May 25, 2014 by Jodie Michalak

Located in the small little country town of Port Perry, Inked Impressions tattoo shop in Ontario has over twenty five years’ worth of tattooing experience. The driven and creative artists that work within the walls create exceptional tattoo work in a classy and clean establishment.


I spoke with professional tattoo artist Ryan Belich and he shared his thoughts on the industry, his self-taught skill, and what every new tattoo artist should know about the career.


What is your tattoo style and how did you become a tattoo artist?

I don’t really have a style I specialize in; I pretty much do everything except I don’t do many Realism tattoos.


I taught myself how to tattoo. I was really interested in it since I was a little kid. I could always draw and I got a hold of a cheap little tattoo kit and I had some friends that were interested in getting some work, so it all went from there.


How do you get inspired for new tattoo designs?

Many times I get inspired just by things that are around me. A lot of times I’ll see something someone else has done and it just gives me ideas.


Can you describe a time that your art really helped someone:

Back a few months ago I tattooed a guy whose mom had just passed away from cancer and he was having a hard time dealing with his loss, so he came in and I gave him a really good deal on a half sleeve that we did for his mom, a memorial piece. Afterwards he cried and was really happy with the work. There’s just no better feeling than knowing you made someone that happy.  It just felt really good.


What advice would you offer an aspiring tattoo artist?

Keep an open mind and remember there is always someone who can teach you something. You’re never done learning.


What hobbies do you enjoy outside of work in the Inked Impressions tattoo shop in Ontario?

I do a lot drawing and I like to do a lot of things with animals so I’ll go to bird watch areas, the zoo, and practice my photography.


What are the current design trends in Ontario?

Right now it seems a lot of L.A. style fancy script writing, fine line black and grey. New School is becoming much more popular as well.


Are there any types of tattoos you regret being asked to ink?

Name tattoos unless it’s the name of your kid or a family member. Usually within six months to a year people want these designs covered up, also a lot of really thick black Tribal tattoos. Lots of people seem to regret these two types of tattoos the most.


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Images courtesy Inked Impressions


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