Inked Celebs and Tattoo Trends

Published on March 10, 2015 by Jodie Michalak
Celeb tattoos

Have you been inspired for body art based on these most famous tattoos worn by  inked celebs?


Inked Celebs Who Set Tattoo Trends

Not every inked celeb starts a most famous tattoo trend. Since tattoos are just so personal, there has to be something really appealing or different for a basic tattoo design to spread like wildfire. It could merely be the star’s popularity or the designs themselves that have the following inked celebs walking the red-carpet of tattoo style.


Scarlett Johansson-Voted over and over again as the Sexiest Woman Alive, Scarlett also has most famous tattoo designs, including a small circular watercolor tattoo on her forearm, a bracelet tattoo, a lucky horseshoe on her ribs and an Infinity tattoo.


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