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Inked Celebs and Tattoo Trends

Jodie Michalak
Posted by Jodie Michalak Apr 18, 2014

Have you been inspired for body art based on these most famous tattoos worn by  inked celebs?


Inked Celebs Who Set Tattoo Trends

Not every inked celeb starts a most famous tattoo trend. Since tattoos are just so personal, there has to be something really appealing or different for a basic tattoo design to spread like wildfire. It could merely be the star’s popularity or the designs themselves that have the following inked celebs walking the red-carpet of tattoo style.


Scarlett Johansson-Voted over and over again as the Sexiest Woman Alive, Scarlett also has most famous tattoo designs, including a small circular watercolor tattoo on her forearm, a bracelet tattoo, a lucky horseshoe on her ribs and an Infinity tattoo.

Demi Lovato- After publically revealing both her struggles with an eating disorder and drugs, Demi’s bird and quote tattoos seem to appeal to other brave and young fashionistas of her generation. Demi has a feather tattoo behind her ear, several short script tattoos, a flock of birds, lips and a cross tattoo.

Angelina Jolie- Mysterious and cultured, Ms. Jolie wouldn’t want her body art so easy to read. From a dragon to the coordinates of her children’s birthplaces, Jolie honors different languages and cultures with her black ink.

Rihanna- Shhh...just like her popular pop hits, Rihanna most famous tattoo trends that will likely be catchy, but short lived (especially when they’re inked on the finger). With seventeen designs and counting, Rihanna offers plenty of style inspiration for short quote and verse tattoos and small yet symbolic tattoo designs.

Justin Bieber- He may not have made the wisest of personal choices, but Bieber has youth on his side, and an owl tattoo that proves Justin knew just what the hoot would be trendy, several years back. In addition to his owl, Justin sleeved up with a magic 8 Ball, a jester,  a ghost and a boombox.

Drew Barrymore- Starting her own trend with laser tattoo removal, this inked celeb made butterfly and cross tattoos popular in the 1990’s, and has once again changed her style, encouraging other women who are tired of their inked skin, to remove rather than cover up their old and dated tattoo designs.

Kelly Osborune- Not afraid to speak out against tattooing,  Ozzy’s daughter has followed suite with Drew Barrymore and has also opted for removal of her tattoos. She has a disappearing 15 tattoos and counting, the first to go was a keyboard design.


Things to Avoid

While inked celeb tattoos can be an inspiration point to start brainstorming your own tattoo designs, don’t get so caught up in their image that you forget your own.


Emulating your favorite inked celeb can help you capture their appealing style, but you should always strive to define your own identity with tattoos. This takes soul-searching and time, so don’t rush into any inked celeb design trends, especially less than ideal placement areas such as the hands or fingers.


Many celebs wear tattoos that carry significant meaning or messages. If you feel you can directly relate to their struggles and experiences, then go ahead and have at it and consider these popular inked celeb trends, just remember you don’t need replicas of all your favorite star’s tattoos. That would be creepy.


Consider further that celebrities have quite a disposal income and can ink themselves without having to worry later about regret, as costly laser removal is likely an option. In addition these celebs have their careers planned out, at least for the time being.  Ensure you future employment endeavors will have an open door for your ink. Otherwise, pass on the permanent.


Women Lead the Way

Women are currently the leaders in the tattoo industry, and that makes sense, since we love to change our style, hair, nails, makeup and even our shoes on a whim. Tattoo art is an ancient way to define your style and image.


If you’re ready to find the right artist who can help you capture the essence of any of your favored inked celebs, do a search on for an artist, or submit your very own Custom Tattoo Design Request, and take that basic inked celeb idea to a more personal level by combining your own special interests and meaning.


A custom tattoo is created just for you, which means nobody (not even an inked celeb) will wear it. Unless of course you get a matching tattoo like Johnny Depp and West Memphis Three member Damien Echols. Perhaps that's something enthusiasts can dream the near future.


Images courtesy Russell Francis

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