Ink Well Tattoos in Winston-Salem North Carolina

Published on August 7, 2014 by Jodie Michalak

Owner Barry Walker of Ink Well Tattoos in Winston-Salem, North Carolina cares about your tattoo. Walking into the shop, you will find some classic and colorful flash art on the walls. For the artists at the shop, flash is merely where the creative process begins. The tattoo artists at Ink Well Tattoos in Winston-Salem, North Carolina suggest that you do your own research to find out what you want as a starting point, and of course discover a professional tattoo artist and check out their portfolios. After that, the artists at Ink Well will then contribute their knowledge and advice on your idea until you have the perfect design for you. And that's a good thing, since you and all others will be admiring the impressive work for a very long time.


Ink Well Tattoos in Winston-Salem, North Carolina opened its doors in 1995, right in the heart of the historic Arts District downtown, securing their place as the oldest tattoo shop in the area. Since then, their top-notch artists have been proving themselves some of the best in the industry by providing excellent work while maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness, sterility and customer service. It is described as a comfortable, casual, easy place to walk into, with a very friendly and fun vibe, decorated with style and substance.


The professional tattoo artists at Ink Well Tattoos provide a variety of stylistic choices, thanks to their varied experiences in so many diverse tattooing styles. Among the choices for style are Traditional, Bio-mechanical, Asian, cover-ups, and many others. Dale, who enjoys painting in his free time, gets inspiration from his painting and the places he visits. Whatever your tattoo inspiration is, the professional artists at Ink Well have it covered.


The rise of Ink Well Tattoos in Winston-Salem, North Carolina hasn't all been smooth sailing. At one time, they offered body piercing services, but stopped as the demand slowed to a crawl. The area they once held as the only shop has since been saturated with new tattoo businesses. But this only serves to fuel the fire of these professional artists. The Triad will stand strong long after the newcomers run out of ink, leaving only their proven talent and dedicated passion to paint the skins of their community.


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