Infinity Tattoos

Published on March 26, 2014 by Jodie Michalak

Nothing is as indefinite as an Infinity tattoo. A tattoo trend that's been going on for quite awhile, let’s take a look at all the many reasons people love the Infinity design…as they are endless. (If not tiring for artists who have not yet added their unique spin on the symbol of eternity.)


Popular Tattoo Trends

Tattooing has long gone in and out of vogue, and with that appeal comes designs that are deemed popular, “safe” and current, so much that tattoo artists tirelessly ink trend after trend, day after day, awaiting new tattoo inspiration.


The Infinity symbol falls into this ho-hum category.


The Infinity design tattoo is simple, straightforward and there’s not much to it.


Unlike feathers, zombie tattoos, dream catchers and Sugar Skull tattoos, the Infinity will likely remain a classic tattoo design forever, much as it has made its way prominently into jewelry designs.


If you visit nearly any tattoo shop, you’re likely to see some of the most current design trends of Infinity tattoos in both flash art and artist portfolios.


What is Infinity?

The Infinity symbol is also referred to as the lemniscate. In math, this symbol means indefinite. Perhaps THIS serves as an example as to where you will apply mathematics in the "real" world?


Where to Place an Infinity Symbol

Because an infinity tattoo is usually small, the placement can be quite significant when worn in a prominent spot. Consider your inner wrist, nape of the neck, and ankle placement for a  basic  infinity design.


Many choose to bear the Infinity tattoo in conjunction to other relationship markings, whether that is a name tattoo, marriage dates or even a special lettering tattoo.


While couple tattoos are taboo to some, an Infinity design still makes a visible and artful statement without much commitment,  offering a pleasing alternative.



You may not think artist skill or experience plays much into an Infinity tattoo, since the design is very simplistic.


It’s still important to find a reputable artist not only for safety measures, but because fine lines are still of importance no matter a tattoo size.


A steady and skilled hand is a requirement for any artist, so beware of any “Deal of the Day” tattoos, especially if they include this eternal symbol.


Spend the time to discover a true “artist” who has canvas visions beyond the basic, and then challenge them to create a custom tattoo design. You can do that right here on by submitting a custom design request.


With this feature, tattoo artists are able to respond to your unique tattoo inquiry and accept the job based on budget. This allows tattoo artists a creative license that can be quite liberating. Neither you, nor your artist has to settle for the mark of eternity forever. There’s always a unique perspective to be had for both the creative and the willing canvas.


If your artist is able to place a unique spin on your Infinity tattoo it’s all the better. Names, quotes, and dates all play into this design idea flawlessly. They may add color or other artful design elements  to make your Infinity symbol a distinctive and different  piece.


Should You Opt for Color or Black and Grey?

Small tattoo designs often look their best when incorporating only one design element. Infinity designs are basically just two circles united together in a figure eight style.


Additional color, patterns and details are not necessary for the Infinity design, though they are one way to individualize your piece and set it off from current design trends.


If you strive to make an Infinity tattoo highly visible, you may consider additional design details to it.


When paired with golden rings or feather wing tattoos, an Infinity tattoo makes a much more suggestive statement. But whatever you do, don't overthink this design.


Find an artist right here on who can take ordinary to legendary and wear this mathematical symbol with pride forever. It may be the only thing you love about the subject!


Image courtesy Amber Meister and Clinstonius Maximus





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