Indiana Rockers Veseria Release New Album ‘RLTVTY’

Published on August 7, 2017 by Jessica_Golich

Adding an abundance of positive energy into the ferocity of Rock ‘N’ Roll, Indiana rockers, Veseria, have internally come alive to bring to life their third studio album, ‘RLTVTY’. The force within the bones of lead vocalist, Jen Roberts, carries an ancient touch that is worlds away from the typical and soaks into your soul right off bat within the first track, “And Also”. The second track, “Zenobia”, channels remnants of Hole in their 1999 ‘Celebrity Skin’ days while the mature musical chemistry amongst Veseria’s band members becomes more and more crystal clear over a bold lyrical delivery that contains a welcomed blend of sass, honesty and creative flare. The fourth track, “Citykids” (Thermodynamics Reprise) showcases the collaborative efforts of a band full of multi-instrument talent and a burnin’ flame full of passion and desire. “Wherewithal” is the sixth track that is a powerhouse with vulnerable masculine vocals laying the perception of life’s ups and downs on the line leading into a hypnotic guitar solo that keeps the aura of opened wounds alive.


The short ninth track, “Black Shuck”, is placed seemingly right on time with a fuzzy yet mysterious instrumental and experimental intro which floats joyously right into the tenth track, “Hunting Accidents”, which is lyrically a healthy dose of self-affirmation and wisdom. “Time To Kill” is an album highlight and the twelfth track full of bloodthirsty vocals that are polished yet take an unexpected turn into a Hip-Hop vibe and electric atmosphere that is full of charm. Closing with “Exit Interview”, Veseria seals the deal on a release that calls for repeated listening. You may find it bewildering that Veseria has yet to reach worldwide praise and recognition after a listen or two of ‘RLTVTY’. There is a diverse essence and impressive consistency within each and every track on ‘RLTVTY’ that makes Veseria a band that is unified and intentional behind every track that they create. You indeed will see more of Veseria over the years to come, yet do yourself a favor right now and check them out on Bandcamp.



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