Indiana Goth Country Artist It’s Just Craig Releases New Album, ‘Dark Corners’

Published on September 8, 2017 by Jessica_Golich

There’s a hauntingly mysterious influence that takes listeners on a chilling journey throughout the latest release, ‘Dark Corners’, from Indiana Goth Country Artist, It’s Just Craig. Kicking off with a short and potent piano instrumental intro, It’s Just Craig seamlessly blends right into the first full-length track, “Go”, with ease as his emotive vocals rise to create an atmospheric soundscape that sets the tone for what’s to come.


The third track, “Alone”, begins with a dose of instrumental innocence as It’s Just Craig explores a soft and vivid sadness within as he lyrically takes listeners down his journey of acceptance when it comes to his current experience of solitude. “Captain” is the fourth track which begins with a jazzy vibe that creates an immutable stark and affectionate aura of longing to share the love that It’s Just Craig is gradually building within with the object of his desire.


The fifth track, “Siren Sings”, takes the album down an unexpected turn that charmingly mimics the likes of bands such as Death Cab For Cutie, The Postal Service and Jimmy Eat World and invites a variety of listeners down an unexplored musical road abounding with contemplation and deep thought.


“Goodnight” is the sixth track which begins with a hefty touch of frustration laced within the vocals of It’s Just Craig as he continues to attempt to build longevity with a lover that simply fails to reciprocate.


Slowing it down over the seventh track, “Rain Never Came”, there is a downtempo element that adds a level of ambiance which preserves the mystery of the intention of the track which is open to interpretation. Closing out the album with “Thirty-Nine”, lyrics that touch on topics that are tackled within Country music reflect It’s Just Craig devotion toward a life of simplicity, passion, love, and connection.


If you feel as though you are currently alone in your chapter of suffering and need a great album to listen to as you muse upon your opportunities to heal, then ‘Dark Corners’ by It’s Just Craig is the real and raw deal.  



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