How Tattoo Artists Can Create a Demand for Work

Published on April 16, 2014 by Jodie Michalak


How to Create a Demand for Your Work

Nothing worthwhile comes easy in life. We’ve all heard  it, and we know it to be true. If you don’t apply yourself in your job, hone your skills, carry passion with you through the door, and strive to connect with every single customer in your chair, your skill will never reach the heights that will help your career soar.


Of course there are people who become Tattoo Artists and it seems they are an overnight success. It may be easy for other established artists to sneer at their work, or laugh at their lack of industry experience. Perhaps they haven’t “earned their keep” mopping shop floors, or they haven’t sat around answering the phone while everyone else had appointments.


Here Comes a Dreamer


No one quite knows what to do with a visionary.


People will try to confine you, scared of what your talent may or may not do.


They’ll suggest perhaps your ego will get the better of you and the industry will eventually break you. Or you’ll never last, once you’ve tried your hand at different tattoo styles or techniques.

So how do you prove them wrong and create a demand for your work?


Sell Yourself

Right here at , you have the ability to shine without limits.


With over 2.4 million followers on Facebook, our website is the ultimate artist and enthusiast connection, so use our stage to sell yourself and share your story. People fall in love with artists who show their hearts. Your drive is inspirational. Your passion ignites the spirit inside of others, and your mind, whether filled with dark or light, is always mysterious and captivating.


When you fill your online gallery with photos of your work, go beyond that and brush up your Bio.Tell  your background and how you got started in the industry. Better yet, contact our  Team and discover how our Account Management professional services can help paint an engaging picture of your career.


Then do as you have always done. Make your art your focus and work outside of work. Pay attention to fashion, as it is directly related to your craft. Watch horror movies so you can unleash your dark side and let the beast come to life through your creations. Go on walks. Spend time in nature. Become a people person, even if you do not like people. Forgive your enemies.

Rise above. Feed the monster. (And never, never give up on your dreams.)


When you commit your life to art, you carry the responsibility of creativity with you, wherever you go.


Look for light in the dark and apply these “shades of grey” to every aspect of your work.


Open your eyes and create client interest by sharing what makes you tick. From regular blog posts, to Social Media shout outs, when you connect with people consistently your circle will continue to grow, as will your tattoo design inspirations.


Creating a demand for yourself as a Tattoo Artist is not going to be easy but it will be worth it- because in the end, you’ll be giving yourself exactly what you deserve as an artist.

A lifetime of canvas, and a paycheck.

(A big one at that.)


Image courtesy Dan Bries and Georgetown Body Art


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