How to Get Rich and Famous Writing a Tattoo Blog

Published on April 9, 2014 by Jodie Michalak

Tattoo blogging helps to capture and engage an audience, whether they’re curious about your art, interests or tattooing history.


When you take the time to post an artist's blog, you are indirectly acknowledging what may be thousands of people, so it’s natural to have stage fright.


On the flip side, perhaps no one is reading your blog at all. Depressing? Not so. Consider a blog your personal diary, and change the name to that if you must.  Blogging is really just practicing putting your thoughts to print.


Just be aware your diary will be read, so throw away that lock, key and inhibitions, and place your all your banters on the top shelf with the following tattoo blogging tips.


Word count: Let your fingers do the talking. To effectively capture SEO content engines, you need to post a minimum of 500 words each time you post a blog entry. Don’t let the minimum scare you off, just let your words flow like your hands do on canvas. And make sure your entry is rich with keywords about your art.


For example, Let’s pretend, I mean, you ARE a master at black and grey tattooing. You should type the word black and grey tattoos at least three times in your blog. Are you into owl tattoos? Two words and under, and your key phrase can be repeated seven times in your entry.


How Key Words Unlock Visibilty: Why do keywords and repeat phrases matter? In SEO terms, it’s really the more the merrier. Search engines look for these needles like they are sorting through a haystack.The more you include your key phrases, the more golden your post becomes, ranking it higher on the results page of any Internet search.


How Does Blogging Help Your Business?


When you frequently blog about your tattoos, your shop name and location, and then of course your tattooing style, the more likely curious Internet enthusiasts are to find you, often within just a day of your post.


Once someone finds your page and becomes absorbed by your candid and open demeanor, they’ll stick around for a while just to check you out. People peep like that.


Maybe they’ll read about your bike ride last week that inspired a Ride or Die tattoo, or perhaps they’ll relate to the book you just read and they too will be intrigued about literary quotes.

Soon you’ll be making a secret connection, and this reader suddenly sees you as a real live person, instead of an artist behind a shop door they may have never opened otherwise.


Blogging is the key for your tattoo artistry as it opens the world to curious minds and they fall right down that rabbit hole.


Soon you’ll have fans that become more and more engaged by your talent, and they’ll be all the more closer to making a tattoo commitment with you.


After all, they feel like they know you after reading your dinner plans, new hair color and checking out the dog you just adopted after you got done inking a few Old School tattoos.  Emotional connections are the first step in making and trusting any long-term decisions.


So go ahead and test the waters. Write a blog post that includes your name, your shop name and then your tattoo style, several times each within the post.


Don’t worry about it being perfect, just be real. Send us your blog post and upon Editor approval, we’ll publish it. With our high ranking Internet power and your talent and voice, we can take last night’s tattoo and make it to the front page.


Why Blogging Makes You Famous


Well now you have an audience. And once you have just one fan, the rest are sure to follow.


People are curious, they love to read, and inquiring minds really DO want to know what’s inside that creative mind of yours.


So grin and bare it all and show the world who you really are. Use those two hands to speak what your art can’t say.


Make your tattoo pictures speak one thousand and one words and your needles will be the sharpest in the stack.




Images courtesy JetBlack Ninja and Brittani M Skoglund


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