Hip Tattoos

Published on May 19, 2014 by Naomi V

Hip tattoos are becoming more steadily popular, and for good reason. The hip is a large area of real estate on the human body, so most of your tattoo fantasies can be created on this space. Some hip tattoos extend into the thigh or upwards, into the ribs and chest. The types of designs one can choose to get on the hip are limitless, from a feminine floral design to an epic battle of good and evil. Any style of tattoo is great for this part of the body. The hip can be chosen to accentuate the body, especially for women, as the hip can be considered a very sensual part of the body. 


Swirls and stars are a beautifully dynamic ornamentation for this part of the body. Hip tattoos aren't always visible, so one can put something very meaningful here, like a quote or a saying. See how the swirls arch a bit to accentuate the curve of the hip to create a very sensual effect. Hip tattoos are perfect for feminine designs like this since the part of the body has so much movement to it.


Flowers are another common theme for hip tattoos. Floral designs are feminine in nature, so it would make sense to get them inked on a part of the body that is more amplified in the female form, because of the hip to waist ration in most women, as most men are straight up and down. Flowers can be meaningful for someone who has gone through a lot of pain and moving to a different phase in life. It can also symbolize a part of their own personality, or possibly memorialize or represent a loved one. Black and gray or color floral designs are a wonderful choice for the hip.


Japanese or Chinese style tattoos are great options for the hip, as they often have a lot of movement and varying line weights in their design. Because the hip is a part of the body that moves in nearly everything we do, especially dance, these flowing designs become very dynamic with every move. Japanese or Chinese design have that lovely combination of looking delicate while looking active, creating a dynamic that is like no other.


Epic designs that involve the struggle between good and bad are also a good choice for the hip. The hip is an area that is active in many of the meaningful parts of being human: birth, dance, sex, exercise, running, fighting, even sitting in wait. Any epic style is perfect for this part of the body. Whether it is realistic, old school/traditional, new school, it can really work as a hip tattoo. Lettering can make any epic tattoo even more epic and meaningful!


Other types of themes that work really well are tribal (as seen at the top) and fantasy. Pure lettering tattoos can also be an option for the hip tattoo. Watercolor or painterly tattoos can really accentuate the hip area. Polka trash and abstract would also be really dynamic!


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