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Published on December 19, 2013 by Leo Gomon

December is one of the most anticipated months of the year. With Christmas and the New Year around the corner, people all across the nation ponder gift ideas, travel plans, new year resolutions, family gatherings, drunk uncles, eggnog, fireworks, trees, snow, commercialism, and duping children into thinking a fat bearded man and his gang of elfs travel the world, delivering presents to “good” kids, on a sleigh powered by flying reindeer, but I digress. In honor of the holiday season, we’ve compiled a short list of potential holiday themed tattoos for Christmas and 2014! Enjoy!


1. The Grinch:

Grinch By Shane O'Neill

Artist Shane O'Neill


Popularized by Dr. Seuss long, long ago in “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”, this peculiar looking, cynical creature makes for a polarizing tattoo when done the right way by the right tattoo artist.


2. Santa Claus:

Santa Claus Tattoo by Russ Abbott

Artist Russ Abbott


Without a doubt, the most iconic character of the christmas season, the western version of St. Nicolas is a big, fat, jovial, warm, bearded, and benevolent being that is symbolic of all things good. However, many aren’t aware of the other various interpretations of Santa Claus in other cultures. In Russian tradition, Santa Claus operates a similar role, but as “Grandfather Frost” (loose translation) and comes to households on New Years Eve. In Scandinavian mythology, Santa Claus punishes the bad children by eating them alive. Doesn’t seem so jolly anymore does he? Or you can elect to immortalize Billy Bob Thornton in Bad Santa, as done by Paul Acker below. 


Bad Santa by Paul Acker


3. Holiday Imagery:


Something ornamental, reindeer, Christmas trees, or anything in between; all of these make for colorful and festive tattoo work for those that truly want to immortalize the holiday spirit on their skin.


4. Fuse ideas together:

Yoda Santa by Josh Woods

Artist Josh Woods


Rather than take a static image and replicate it, come up with your own ideas, and give your tattoo artist free reign over the outcome. Sure, it’s a little more risky, but you’ll end up with a original, custom tattoo. Show your love of Star Wars with a Yoda Santa Claus. What about a zombified Santa Claus? A herd of satanic reindeer will raise a few eyebrows at your family dinner.


5. The Nightmare Before Christmas:

Remis Tattoo

Artist Remis Tattoo


Tim Burton’s iconic animated musical tells the story of Jack Skellington accidentally discovering the portal from “Halloween Town” into “Christmas Town” and his task of organizing the Christmas holiday. It’s a great film with a wonderful score by Danny Elfman, and is a fairly common tattoo concept. Still, when done in full color and on a large scale, it becomes a truly beautiful work of art.


Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year!


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