Hand Tattoo Placement

Published on June 4, 2014 by Jodie Michalak


Most artists will refuse a  hand tattoo placement unless the customer is already heavily inked. Although one may wonder why they need more tattoos to be allowed this preferred placement, others have come to understand the refusal is based on an artist’s integrity and is actually in your best interest. Here’s why.


The Negatives of Hand Tattoo Placement

Think about your hands for just a moment. Hands are the most prominent and used part of your body, especially when in public. Whether they are being utilized for eating, writing, or shaking hands with a stranger, hands become a focal point and a very strong extension of you.


Hand tattoos greet the public and more often than not they make the largest impression in body art. There is still very much stigma associated with tattoos, let alone hand tattoo placement. While tattoos are slowly becoming more widely accepted, to wear a hand tattoo goes against the grain of society and can actually limit your career choices greatly. Unless you have self-employment income or have a career in a very relaxed and creative atmosphere, most employers will not hire anyone with a hand tattoo placement.


Why  Do People Choose Hand Tattoos?

Knowing how much hand tattoos can affect a future and career, what makes people choose hand tattoos?


Hand tattoo placement is a suitable option for people who have already established themselves in their careers and occupations. Generally speaking, jobs where hand tattoos are acceptable are the creative and commission trade markets. This may include musicians, hairdressers, artists, tattoo artists, writers and business owners.


Sadly , many people get hand tattoos and they do not work in these industries. They end up working minimum wage jobs at sandwich shops and delivering pizzas because corporate entities will not commonly employ anyone with a hand tattoo placement. The military will not enlist anyone with hand tattoos. To select a hand tattoo means you have given up on all future possibilities of earning a good living, for the mere thrill of expressing yourself and bucking society. Although you may not agree with the stigma of visible tattoos and their associated reputation, being rebellious to this prejudice only affects you and your future at a much later date


People wear hand tattoos despite their negative aspects because they want a very visible tattoo. In addition, hand tattoos can be very well-designed, following the shape of your hand can result in very interesting art.


Others wear hand tattoos because they want to tell society they’re in control. Or merely because they think tattoos look tough and will up their cool factor. Bear in mind there is nothing cool about being unemployed because your hand tattoo prohibits employment opportunity and your own personal wealth.


Most tattoo artists have ethics and will not tattoo the hands unless they see you have already stepped heavily into the tattooed lifestyle, especially with other prominent tattoo placements such as face or neck tattoos. Once an artist considers your other body art, she may make an exception and tattoo your hands after discussing (very seriously) your potential regrets.


Unfortunately there are many tattoo artists who will tattoo the hands without any  care or concern of your future.  They may need the money, or they don’t feel compelled to hold their services to any level of morale.


If you’re requesting a hand tattoo placement and an artist willingly agrees without any objection, you may want to walk out of the tattoo shop and consider the source.


Hand tattoos can be beautiful. Hand tattoos can look cool. But ultimately in this day and age hand tattoos are still very limiting. Consider them wisely before they rule you and your future.


Images courtesy Muecke and West Anchor Tattoo


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