Grants Pass, Oregon Tattoo Shop Off the Map

Published on April 26, 2014 by Jodie Michalak


Why not take the beaten path and travel to an Oregon tattoo shop such as Off the Map located in Grants Pass?


It’s here you’ll find an appreciation for Traditional tattoos, nature designs, as well as well-known tattoo artist Jeff Gogue.


Do you need furtherconvincing? Did I mention Off the Map tattoo is located in the beautiful state of Oregon?


Tell me about your Oregon tattoo shop and the artists:

We are located in Grants Pass, Oregon. It’s a tiny town surrounded by forest. We’re roughly half an hour from Medford and 2 hours to Eugene.


But as far as our tattooing and skills, we’re very much “on the map.”


We have 4 resident artists, and we’re constantly expanding our team and always hiring, both well  known artists and new apprentices.


Our resident artists include Jenn Godfrey, who specializes in  American Traditional Sailor Jerry tattoos. Canyon Webb is very well-rounded and especially good with graphic and Realistic Traditional. Johnny Smith has a painterly style, he does really well with Realist portraits. And then there is Jeff Gogue. And Jeff can do anything.


What are some of the more current Oregon tattoo design trends in Grants Pass?

Current design trends include dream catchers, skulls, flowers- we have flowers literally all week long. And we sort of have a high demand for script tattoos.

Bear in mind, we do steer clients in the direction of a larger tattoo, even if they don’t want full body designs. Tattoos need to flow, so our artists suggest larger pieces so in the event they add to their tattoos, the designs work well together.


How do your artists find new inspirations for their tattoo designs?

That’s the good thing about having a roster of guest artists. We have artists from all over the world, and they come together and inspire one another to see what they can create.  We have Art Fusion at our shop, and also an art gallery featuring local artists. We try to go to other art shows, and really be involved within the art community.


Describe Off the Map Tattoo in Grant’s Pass Oregon in just a few words:

Humbling yet inspiring, motivational, and paired with an unprecedented work ethic.


Have you visited Off the Map tattoo in Grants Pass Oregon? Be sure to review the shop or check out the artist portfolios by visiting their Member Profile.


Images courtesy Off the Map Tattoo


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