Grace is Contagious

Published on April 23, 2014 by Jodie Michalak


As the tattooing industry continues to change, your artistry will attract a whole new genre and generation of enthusiasts. If you are stuck in your “old school ways” or aren’t involved with technology and social media promotion, you could lose potential business just based on your attitude when people inquire about your art.


Some people know NOTHING about the tattoo process, and that means even a ballpark on what they’ll spend. Money is important to everyone. The poor need it, the wealthy worry about losing it. When we look at bottom lines, it always comes down to the money.


If you truly take your work seriously, handling these inquiries with grace matters.


First, because treating people with kindness is a Virtue.


Second, online reviews for tattoo shops are becoming the norm. Enthusiasts and former clients will begin reading and leaving feedback not only on your artistry, but your attitude as well.

To make a positive first impression with your potential client, you’ll need to be open-minded and non-judgmental towards everyone, and respect their pocketbook.



That doesn’t mean sell yourself short, that means understanding that five minutes of your time responding to an inquiry could mean hundreds of dollars, as well as future clients that may be referred to you. Isn’t that worth it?


Some clients may come to you with old work that they want redone. Others will be looking for a custom significant piece of art, and then there will be those who are just window shopping. They want to know what you can do and what it will cost them.


Take the time to put yourself in their shoes. They came to you to resolve a problem and your first response should always be to respond with gratitude, honesty and kindness, even if you part ways because of budget or differences.


With today’s increase in tattoo shops, and body art being worn by nearly one out of every four people, your competition is FIERCE.


Unless you’ve got a fat bank account and a schedule booked 6 months out, you can’t afford a bad review or a poor first impression.


P.S. (That’s a big mistake…)


P.P.S. (HUGE.)


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