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Published on August 23, 2014 by Jodie Michalak

Located in Oakville, Ontario, Good Point Tattoos and Piercings makes a sharp impression on its guests. Good Point opened its doors in April of 2009 in North Oakville, Ontario. With bright lighting and a relaxed atmosphere, the shop feels friendly and welcoming to customers.


Good Point specializes in custom drawn tattoos that their customers are proud to wear, something that is not only unique, but will age well also. And that's a really good point.

What Tattooing styles do you specialize in?

We have several artists at this shop that cover a broad range of styles. Cory began specializing in traditional types of tribal (such as Maori, Polynesian, Marquesan, Filipino, Samoan and Borneo to name a few) he combined traditional patterns with pointillism and has developed a style all his own.

Nowadays, his style has moved in more of an abstract and geometric sort of direction. He has combined optical illusions and geometric patterns with his tribal and dot work roots to create a truly unique looking tattoo.

The other artists that we have here are incredibly talented and versatile, with styles ranging all over the place from traditional to realistic black and grey to neo traditional and beyond. Their work can all be seen on our website.

Describe a time you where you believe the talent at Good Point Tattoo truly helped someone?

I feel as though we here at good point go out of our way to educate the customer about what is realistic and what is not when it comes to tattooing.

Too often, tattoo shops will take your money, and give you a poorly executed and too small tattoo that will not age well. Shops like this do not care about how your tattoo ages, but are more concerned with getting you in and out of the door.

Here at Good Point, we would rather take the time to speak with you and discuss with you, our concerns, as an artist, regarding the design of your tattoo. We not only want our customers to be happy with the tattoo the day of, but years afterwards as well. Often tattoo shops have this “too cool” attitude towards their customers. The way I look at it, when I go to get my car fixed, it is the mechanics responsibility to explain to me how these things work, the mechanic does not assume that I know how my car works.

That is how I like to treat the customers here, we would always rather take the time to explain to you exactly how we apply the tattoo, or what can be done in skin and what cannot.

What is your most important advice for Good Point customers?
Try not to go too teeny tiny with your tattoo!

Always remember, just because you see an itty bitty tattoo on the internet or on a celebrity does not mean that it is a good idea!

Half of the time you see these small tattoos online, they are either photo shopped or freshly done. You never know how they will look when they age. Try not to cram too many details into a small tattoo, you can either have something small or something detailed, but unfortunately, not both. Always remember, you can get more than one tattoo!

Is Good Point involved in the community? If yes- in which ways?

We usually do an ad annually in Sheridan College’s yearbook, they are a local college here in Oakville known for their animation courses. We donate as often as we can to local fundraisers and charity events, including Tim Horton’s camp day and the Halton Women’s shelter, amongst others.


Future plans for Good Point Tattoos and Piercing:

We just celebrated our 5 year anniversary and will be staying at this location for at least another 5 years. We hope keep our crew of extremely positive and extremely talented artists. More than anything we want to have fun at work, while creating beautiful pieces of art.

Have any of the Good Point artists received any awards or special recognition?
Yes, Cory has received multiple awards for his unique style. He is an internationally known artist and we have lots of people travel to get tattooed by him.

Most of the awards are for Best Black and Grey and Best Tribal Tattoo, he has also received several Best Tattoo of the Day awards at conventions. He attends tons of conventions and is lucky enough to have some amazing clients that are willing to travel to enter their pieces in tattoo competitions.

What sets your tattoo shop apart from the rest in the area?

Each of our artists specializes in custom, high quality artwork. Whether you are getting a small simple design, or a large custom piece, the tattoo will be crisp and clean. We are always honest with our clients about what we do, and do not, recommend regarding placement, sizing and composition. At the end of the day, we want the customer to feel involved in designing their tattoo. We always want the customer to be happy, since they are the ones that will be wearing our art.

Most popular tattoo design requests at Good Point Tattoo?

Recently bird silhouettes are all the rage, as well as infinity signs, feathers and anchors or any combination of the aforementioned.

Dream catchers and owls have recently become popular again, and we are also noticing tons of pocket watch designs, usually done with some nice black and grey roses. Lettering and flowers are always classic, and always popular.

How has the tattoo industry changed since Good Point Tattoo has been in business?

It has become much more mainstream thanks to the tattooing shows. This can both be a blessing and a curse. It is great because tattooing is becoming more socially acceptable, and people you would never expect to be tattooed usually have at least one or two. It also means that the standard for health and safety keeps going up, which in my opinion, is always great news.

However, sometimes it also means that the client has unrealistic expectations about how quickly a design can be drawn up. Sometimes the client also doesn’t understand that a sleeve or a backpiece are multiple session pieces. Unfortunately, we can’t draw up a back piece in 5 minutes and we certainly can’t get it all tattooed in one day.


The tattooing industry has definitely become oversaturated; shops are popping up all over the place.


Hopefully in time, the general public will learn to see the difference between a well done tattoo and a poorly done tattoo.


My hope is that more people will learn what a good tattoo costs and what exactly makes it a good tattoo. These days, there really is no limit to what can be done with a tattoo machine, and it’s awesome to see such amazing artists step up to the plate and utilize all of the awesome new tattooing equipment that is available to us.

Best part about working at Good Point Tattoo?

Here at Good Point Tattoos, we are a family. We do not have a high turnover of staff and when we find a great artist, we want to keep them here. We truly have such a blast at work together.

Some people take tattooing too seriously and it is fun to have such great employees that remind us what is amazing about this industry.


We get to draw pretty pictures on people for a living, watch movies at work, we get to listen to whatever music we want, dress how we want, rock as many tattoos and piercings as we want. We have lots of guest artists passing through this shop as well; it is so amazing to meet some of the greats in this industry, most recently Josh Fields, Boog and Nick Chaboya. Every time we have a guest artist here, we are reminded about why we got into this industry in the first place, to be surrounded by art, and to stay inspired.

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