Godspeed Tattoo Shop Breckenridge, CO.

Published on May 10, 2014 by Jodie Michalak

Offering the best action packed tattoos on this side of the mountain, Godspeed tattoo shop in Breckenridge, Colorado is the perfect place to be inspired for naturalistic body art.


I spoke with Godspeed owner Martin Deegan (when he wasn’t on the slopes) about the launch of his successful journey.


Tell me about your Breckenridge shop and the artists:

We’ve been open for six years and we have pretty strong local base and a strong local presence. This is a tourist town so people come from all over world. From snowboarding and mountain biking, this is a city built on adrenaline. Tattooing just fits.


We’re primarily a custom shop, offering Traditional, Portrait tattoos, and Bio-Mechanical designs.


We are an A-list professional shop that prides itself on all the work that comes out.


We try to produce the best work, we don’t turn customers down based on their particular style, and we offer no judgment towards people. We’re family up here. We do this work because we love it.


What are some of the current action packed tattoo designs in your Breckenridge shop?

Lots of tree tattoos such as Big Aspens and a stream placed on a sleeve design.  We also do plenty of snowflakes and mountain tattoos.


Describe a time you where you believe your talent truly helped someone?

That would be our memorial and medical tattoos; we do quite a bit of cancer ribbon tattoos.


We had a local couple up here that had lost their son at just 5 months old, so we held a benefit for them that paid for a portrait sleeve filled with pictures of their son.


When you aren’t in the tattoo shop you can be found…



Are there any areas your artists will not tattoo?

Yes the bottom of hands and feet or the face, as we guarantee our tattoos for life and those tattoos just aren’t going to last.


We don’t like tattooing the side of fingers, but will if a customer understands the risk and it still really bent on them.


We also will not work with white or Black Light tattoos ink, besides just adding white to a tattoo design. Who knows what’s really in Black Light ink. Safety is a concern.


What made you want to become the owner of a tattoo shop?

I’ve been an artist my whole life, I received a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts. I already loved tattoos and was covered in them, after helping a friend manage his shop I realized I was just good at it.


What’t the best part about owning a tattoo shop in Breckenridge:

Snowboarding and outdoor activities. I get to mountain bike every day before going to work.


It’s just gorgeous here. Every single view is like a postcard.


To view artist portfolios, book an appointment or review the Godspeed Tattoo Shop, visit their Member Profile.


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