Girly Tattoos: But What Kind of Girly?

Published on May 8, 2014 by Naomi V

Who doesn't love girly tattoos? There is such a wide range of what one could consider girly. From classic damsel in distress, all in pink, girly-girly, to badass, roller derby chick, edgy kind of girly. Because girls all over the world are unique and not one of them are exactly alike, girly tattoos are also unique and can be simple and cute or complex and tough, or any combination of these! Let's talk about the more commonly seen girly tattoos among ink lovin' women!



Hearts are a classic girly symbol. It's a symbol that represents love in all its forms. It can be used to represent the love one has for a lover or spouse, or for one's children, or mother and father or grandparents, close friends, their faith, or love for themselves. Or love for the entire world and universe! Whatever the wearer wants the heart to represent, you better believe it has to do with love and emotion!



Stars can be incorporated into any tattoo design. Being a strong enough symbol to stand alone is also a great choice, but most tattoos can be made even more beautiful and complex with some stars. Plain black five pointed stars are often seen as well as more realistic stars as you would see them in the sky. Nautical stars have been used for generations of tattoo lovers. 


Flowers are so beautiful, and there are so many different kinds. These are the perfect visual element to represent femininity, beauty and strength. With so many different types of flowers, a woman can choose a flower that represents her or someone else's personality as a symbol. Flowers are so elegant and accentuate the female form. Many parts of the body is the perfect spot for flower tattoos such as arms, legs, lower back, upper back, ankle, wrist, chest, pretty much anywhere depending on the flower design!


Bows and Lace

Bows and lace really accentuate a female form and give it that girly look that we automatically associate with the word "girly." Bows are beautiful and extremely sexy on the lower back. They are also lovely on the back of the leg or on the wrist. The back of the neck is also an ideal place for a bow. Lace can be added anywhere on the form to highlight whatever body part a woman chooses she wants to show off!



Sweets like cupcakes and candy, or even ice cream and cookies...ever heard the rhyme "Sugar and spice, and everything nice" well they are talking about the fairer sex. Cupcakes are seen as elegant and whimsical. They are a girly dessert that is just enough. Beautiful colorful cupcake tattoos can really push that sweet, girly iconography on the female form. Yum!



Yes, skulls can definitely be girly! Add a bow or make the skull pink, or incorporate skulls with flowers. This gives the girly tattoo that "edgy" look because skulls can be seen as morbid or as symbols more associated being tough and badass. We love girly, badass chicks!



Birds are the ultimate symbol for freedom. They are creatures of flight and beauty. This is the best symbol for a free spirited woman. Many different types of birds can represent a woman's personality as she chooses. Birds are beautiful, free, in nature, and are a sophisticated choice for a girly tattoo.



Of course butterflies are on this list! They are easily incorporated with anything else on this list and are one of the most common "girly" tattoos ideas! Butterflies are a symbol of starting over and transforming into something beautiful. They also fly and are a symbol of freedom, like the bird. There are so many colors for the butterfly, it's easy to see why butterflies are a popular choice. A butterfly can be tattooed anywhere on the female body and make it that much sexier.



Fantasy tattoos include fairies and mermaids, which are symbols of being free, and of magic. Girls who believe in a bit of magic and whimsy are fun and free spirited, no matter how responsible they may have to be in their lives. Fairies and mermaids are great for the back, ankle, sleeves and legs.



Girls have a lot to say! So sometimes they want to express what they have to say in ink. And why not? With so many different font choices, lettering can really be elegant. It can also be small or large, perfect for whatever placement she wants.


Of course there is no limit to what kind of tattoo a woman can get, she can get whatever the hell she wants! But we definitely love those tattoos that represent how awesome women are. Rocky on inked girls!


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