Geek Chic: Geek Ink on the Rise

Published on April 20, 2015 by Gregory
Yoda tattoo

With the rise of geek chic and its fashion influences, nerdy tattoos are not only appearing on the skin of dedicated nerds but are also beginning to cross over into the mainstream. Geek-inspired designs are providing fresh material for those looking for new ideas for their next tattoo. A few simple words like “I <3 Helvetica” inked across the chest or a full-blown collage of the cast of Dr. Who covering the back can tell you a lot about a person. These geeky tattoos are now making their mark in a terrifically awesome way. Anything that has a dedicated following – science, computers, technology, sci-fi, comic books – is appearing in ink on the bodies of those who like keeping an eye on current trends while expressing themselves. thanks to Erin at Love Sick Ink for the yoda tat :


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