Friday the 13th Tattoo Ideas

Published on June 13, 2014 by Jodie Michalak

It's the evening of Friday the 13th, and wickedness and freakiness may be out lurking the streets, just waiting to take a chance on you.


If you are one of the souls lurking about fearlessly, you are in fact lucky.  Many people avoid life as much as possible on a day like today. They may be at home under the covers  afraid once they get up their bad luck will soon unravel...


A day that often bears the  curse of bad luck, is also a very popular occasion for Friday the 13th tattoos.


Ever since the Canterbury Tales in the 14th century, Friday has been deemed an unlucky day. Which is certainly strange because today most people celebrate the end of a long workweek and  look forward to TGIF.


The number 13 has also a history of being cursed. So much that many contractors will not number a floor 13, nor place the unlucky digit  on an elevator button.



Many tattoo shops (perhaps  even in your area) have likely stayed up all night with their sketches, preparing artful flash designs that they can ink on anyone brave enough to step foot inside the tattoo  shop.


These designs may include stars, the number 13, little  black cats, and other superstitious symbols of fate.


They could also be horror related, and include masks, weapons, blood or gore in reference to Jason in the movie Friday the 13th.


No matter the tattoo design, Friday the 13th tattoos are usually a bargain. Most tattoo artists sell their talent for a mere $13 on this superstitious day.


How can you prepare for the perfect Friday the 13th tattoo?


First don't be a bargain hunter. Despite their affordability, tattoos are still permanent and you shouldn't get one just because you can. You'll  want to carefully consider the design and the placement and ensure you'll be happy wearing your Friday the 13th tattoo forever.


Next consider where you'll ink  said tattoo. Anything too  prominent, such as the hands or the face, could curse your future opportunities in work and income potential. This  may not be something you'll feel so lucky about later.


Last, remember to tip your tattoo  artist. They are really working hard to ink these small designs in tribute to the festive day. They still deserve that small token of gratitude.


Tonight is also a full moon. What could be even crazier or cooler than that? Consider a moon tattoo. There won't be another full-moon on Friday the 13th until the year 2049.


Mark both of these unusual  events and you'll have a wickedly cool design.


How about a full moon with the number 13?


What  are your full moon or Friday the 13th tattoo design requests? Leave a comment below...Go  ahead. I  dare ya!


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