Free Tattoo Designs: At What Cost?

Published on May 7, 2014 by Naomi V

Surprisingly (or maybe not surprisingly) there are people who look for free tattoo designs. While it may be monetarily free to do an internet search and select an existing tattoo design, that is not a truly unique expression of the individual who will add it to their body. It is their body, though, so who's to say? With free tattoo designs, you do not have the flexibility to change the artwork to what you really want (unless you are an artist or very artistically inclined). You definitely could not collaborate with the artist who created the free design to design an unusual and personal concept from scratch. If you use a free tattoo design, it would need to be something general. If you are looking for an old school design or a rose, traditional sparrow, nautical star or even a cross, then the free tattoo designs you find might suit you just fine and fill your needs.


For those of you who want to express something more about yourself that is different from everything else you can find, or perhaps you need a memorial tattoo design for someone who cannot be represented by an existing tattoo flash piece, or want a portrait of your pet, or whatever the unique reason you have. You would need to find an artist who can listen to what you want, and need, and then create exactly that in a sketch. They need to be willing to edit and revise the sketch when you give them feedback. Ideally, this artist could work within your budget.


Here at, our tattoo designers can do just that. Our designers listen to exactly what their customers want and need. They then create beautiful concept sketches for you to look at. They collaborate with YOU on the piece until it is perfect and you are completely satisfied with it. And guess what? They are flexible and can work with your budget! Want to get started on your custom tattoo design? Post a custom design request today and you'll get artists contacting you right away!


Have any of you gotten a free tattoo design? Did it work out for you? Or do you wish you had gotten something a little more unique? Please comment with your personal stories below, in the comment section. We are always interested in hearing from you and in all aspects of our tattoo community. Thank you!


Image credit: JJ Ortiz and Jinx (these images were obviouisly NOT free designs!)



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