Freddie Nelson is Ready to Rock the World with Upcoming Release, ‘Shake The Cage’

Published on June 15, 2017 by Jessica_Golich

Pittsburgh Rocker, Freddie Nelson, lyrically contradicts himself and does have a lot to say that invigorates the airwaves over his latest single release, “Hey Doll”. Speaking candidly over a soulful track that showcases his adoration for a lover that isn’t gifting him with the attention that he desires, Freddie is the overall package that can surely swoon listeners over with both his guitar playing skills and 90’s grunge vibe that is full of vigor and attitude.


On the brink of the release of his upcoming album, ‘Shake The Cage’, Freddie is ready to bring back the roots of Rock ‘N’ Roll over eleven tracks that take you back in time over lyrical proclamations that give listeners the feeling that they have taken a trip back to concerts on green grass in the 70’s while surrounded by beautiful ladies. Kicking off the album with “Turn You On”, Freddie inspirits listeners with a lusty opener that leads into a guitar solo that you will not forget and an introduction to an album that is full of passion and laced together with precision and care. The fourth track, “Never Fight Alone”, sends out a message for those that have fallen into the abyss of what the media portrays while Freddie attempts to shift the belief systems of those that have succumbed to a life of the typical. The sixth track, “Let You Go”, is one of those tracks that make you want to give your ex a call with the track blasting in the background. The ninth track, “All Night Long” carries the feel of an 80’s Motley Crue track that seduces listeners with an element of magic that is catchy and concise. ‘Shake The Cage’ closes with “For Those Who Die”, which broadens Freddie’s musical horizons with a Punk-Rock feel that is a dose of welcoming and organized chaos.


Freddie Nelson maintains a level of lyrical honesty throughout ‘Shake The Cage’ that provides relief for those who are tired of releases that consist of tracks that desire slots on modern-day radio. Keep an eye out for the July, 7th 2017 release of ‘Shake The Cage’.



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