Flower Tattoos

Published on March 20, 2014 by Jodie Michalak

As spring makes its welcome arrival, you may choose to celebrate the change of seasons with a flower tattoo.


Flower tattoos, however pretty, are a unisex tattoo choice for good reason. They are a natural choice for the expression of love and devotion, and the many different varieties also carry their very own significance and meaning.


Take a look at the traditional history of the following flower tattoos, and get inspired for a blooming piece of body art.


Rose: Throughout history, the rose has been a symbol of love and admiration. While deeper associations can be made based on the rose color or the prominence of thorns (love hurts!) a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.


Lily: While the exotic lily flower pales in popularity to the rose, the Greek celebrated the Lily as a symbol of sexuality, while the Chinese regarded the Lily as the symbol of both beauty and innocence. The Lily may also represent your faith in God, as Christians believed the Lily’s innocence and purity was akin to that of Virgin Mary’s.


Daisy: A popular and cheerful choice, while the Daisy promises less than the rose in terms of elegance, it often delivers more. Who doesn’t love a flower that is foolhardy and happy?


Cherry Blossom: Celebrating our fragile life cycles and serving as an ode to spring, the Cherry Blossom flower is short-lived, yet its beauty is anticipated year after year, so much that there are festivals devoted to the tree, both in Chinese and Japanese cultures.


Flower tattoos make an elegant choice for anyone wanting a traditional and classic tattoo design. The hardest decision in this case may be selecting just one bloom. Bear in mind you can scatter their bounty and create a wildflower bouquet in the form of a sleeve, or wear a flower anywhere you want, such as a rose, right on your heart.


Long Live Spring!


Rose tattoo courtesy Mirek Vel Stotker

Lily tattoo courtesy Lucky Bamboo Tattoo


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