Flash City Tattoo in Nashville, Tenn.

Published on June 1, 2014 by Jodie Michalak

Growing up in the concrete jungle of San Fernando Valley, CA, Jason St. Clair later moved to Nashville, Tennessee and opened Flash City Tattoo after becoming interested in tattooing, thanks to a heavy inspiration of Tattoo Times books and the guys at 222.


Specializing in both Japanese and colorful tattoo work, Jason was busy drawing up his next design during our interview but I managed to borrow a few moments from his hectic life to ask him what life would be like if he wasn’t a successful tattoo artist.


Jason’s childhood proved he had an interest in music, but today he just loves the customer service aspect of his job at Flash City Tattoo, and meeting all types of different people.

Flash City Tattoo is one of many tattoo shops in Tennessee, and although the doors have only been open for close to two years, Jason has been tattooing Japanese and American Traditional tattoos since 1996, favoring their longevity and classic style. Flash City Tattoo in Nashville, Tenn. seems to attract all types of people, including a client who requested an Abraham Lincoln tattoo carrying an M16, which is part of why Jason says tattoos are just indescribable.


There are five other talented tattoo artists at Flash City, and the tattoo shop pretty much exists on a referral base.  Most of the professional artists have been tattooing for ten years, each with a clearly distinct and different style. Often frequenting tattoo conventions in Austin, Texas, these guys can agree on hitting up the fun local spots and all the taco joints.


Jason’s a Dad now, and has an active daughter that keeps him on his toes. If he’s not taking her somewhere such as the local museum, they may be found painting or doing some other creative venture. But you won’t really find him outdoors. (Perhaps with those inked sleeves he knows all too well just how much damage the sun can do to his colorful Japanese art.)


While Jason specializes in Japanese tattooing, the crew at Flash City Tattoo can do darn well anything, and with all their different tattooing styles the music at the shop is just as varied.


Inspired by coffee table picture books, Jason strives to just give his clients exactly what they want. It’s a time-consuming job to own and operate Flash City Tattoo in Nashville, Tennessee, from drawing designs to managing his team of tattoo artists. St. Clair advises before you get inked; make sure it’s really what you want.


That’s his job (and why he has to get back to drawing.) It’s all about priorities and Jason seems to have them straight.


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