Figure Flattering Tattoos for Girls

Published on May 13, 2014 by Jodie Michalak

Trompe l'oeil  is a French word that means to fool the eye with illusion, and you can do that with any of the following tattoos for girls.


Body art can either draw attention to or take away from some of your very best assets. Anyone considering a tattoo should hopefully select a design that will also look good on their body. This is where the "art" comes into play.


A  large scale tattoo for girls design placed on a petite build will likely drown the wearer. A small tattoo placed on a tall or muscular frame will look imbalanced.

Just like fashion can add or drop pounds, tattoo designs and their placement can pack them on or whittle that waist of yours.  It's just something to consider.


Take a look at the your body and analyze these figure flattering  tattoos for girls tips.


Sleeves: If you're considering tattoo sleeves, you should aim to make your arms the focus of your body art, unless of course you opt for outer leg tattoos.The reason for this is by placing a border on the side of your body, you minimize everything in the middle. If you add a stomach tattoo to the mix, the eye just begins to wander and the balance is off.


Stomach tattoos: Stomach tattoos are a sexy tattoo for girls, but with them comes common sense. You'll need to consider children in the future, and the chance your design will change with weight gain. If you're OK with that and your stomach is one of your better assets, by all means show it off!


Hip tattoos: Outer hip tattoos can skim away the pounds, especially if they are large enough to travel nearly halfway down the mid-thigh. 


Thigh tattoos: Yes garter designs are a sexy tattoo for girls, but unless your inner and outer thighs are taut, there's really no reason to draw attention to this area.


Ankle tattoos: Do you wear gladiator sandals? If you don't, it might be because they cut your leg off visually. The same happens with an ankle tattoo. Unless your  ankles are small and feminine, you'll add weight to your calves with an ankle band tattoo for girls design.


When you consider what your best features are, it's so much easier planning a flattering tattoo for girls. Bear in mind size matters too. A large bold tattoo will not enhance a small petite  frame unless it has lots of open and negative space. If you plan your body art with these tips your tattoos will always look good on you and enhance your unique and sexy shape. (And that's sort of worth it.)


Image courtesy Naomi V. and George Mchaffey


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