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Fall 2014 Top Ten Tattoo Trends

Jodie Michalak
Posted by Jodie Michalak Jul 7, 2014


Roughly one out of five people has a tattoo. Rare they are not- there’s still room to make a mark and define your own identity.


The key with any tattoo trend is to be on top of it before anyone else. Sure you’ll get tired of seeing mass-produced designs of your very own creation, but it’s always better to be a leader. Right? (So follow along. I’ve got the Fall 2014 Top Ten Tattoo Trends covered.)


1. Snakes- Wrapped around the wrist or the upper arm, you’ll be thoroughly charmed when a pleasurable serpent becomes your lifelong companion.

2. Pets- Perhaps a reptile just isn’t your thing. Dog and cat portraits tattoos, especially when encircled in intricate frames, are a sentimental and evergreen choice.

3. Leaves- Don’t leaf Mother Nature out. Leaf tattoos are a natural choice for the upcoming spicy autumn hues. Give your thanks and pay reflection to the winds of change.

4. Ball and chain- Need to free your rebel soul? Break free from your parents and head back to school, and get rid of that ball and chain.

5. Pumpkins- For the love of vines, why not wrap a little pumpkin around your ankle or thigh? Perfect to commemorate all things autumn, a pumpkin is also befit for a mother to pay homage to her little “pumpkins.”

6. Witches- They’re back!!! Grab your broomsticks and hats and take to the sky. Witch tattoo ideas are full of magic.

7. Black Cats- Black cats have such a bad rap, why not defy fate and tattoo one of these purrfectly lucky charms?

8. Harvest Moon- The first full moon following the first frost, allow an orange harvest moon tattoo to glow and light the way long after the clock tattoo trend turns back.

9. Apples- Take a bite out of this juicy fruit design. Whether you’re the teacher, the sinner, the beauty, or a doctor, this is one tattoo trend you’ll appreciate- every day.

10. Celestial- No matter your birth sign, a celestial or horoscope tattoo trend design is always in the stars…


Images Joshua 9 and Gail Howard Perry

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