Extreme Body Modification: Beyond Tattoos and Piercing

Posted on April 20, 2015 by Gregory

Body modification can be broadly defined as any procedure that is commonly done to deliberately alter the appearance of the body, such as tattooing, piercing and plastic surgery. Such alterations can be for aesthetic reasons, enhanced sexual pleasure, religious beliefs and self-expression. But how far is too far?

Alterations such as circumcision and the Burmese Kayan tribal custom of wearing brass rings to elongate the neck are examples of traditions and religious rites of passage with a long cultural history. But what about more extreme body modification practices like branding and scarification, super extensive piercings all over the body (look at that chick in the picture, just look at her!), implants under the skin, tongue-splitting (might be nice) and further invasive alterations? These mods beg the question: why do people choose to go so extreme?

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