Exclusive Video Premiere: "Crack in the Frame" by Haliwel

Published on September 25, 2017 by Erica B

Heavy hitting rock band, Haliwel, from Madison WI, have released the official music video for "Crack in the Frame", a single from their album Pandemic.  

The song "Crack in the Frame" hits the bullseye with musical elements rock and metal fans can appreciate - - a progressive groove, sweeping melodies, meaty and melodic riffs, grindcore vocals, and an intricate Opeth-esque acoustic guitar solo.

The official music video for "Crack in the Frame" adds even more depth and dimension to the track, like icing on an already decadent cake. This is what the band had to say about it:

We took full advantage of being able to direct a video for 'Crack in the Frame', the heaviest song from Pandemic, adding metal elements into it, which we most likely wouldn’t get a chance to do in other songs.  We crawled through mud, destroyed instruments, and made a mask out of a real cow skull! The song itself is about karma coming back to bite a narcissistic and destructive person.  The singer in the video was fired soon after shooting for being that type of person, but was left in the final cut so that he could sing his own obituary, of sorts, which we thought was very fitting.” - Haliwel

Click below to experience "Crack in the Frame" by Haliwel

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