Exclusive Premiere Stream: Die So Fluid 'Bittersweet'

Published on March 30, 2017 by Erica B

Los Angles/London rock trio Die So Fluid has released 'Bittersweet', a kick-ass single from the band's long-awaited 5th album One Bullet From Paradise. Written by Grog Lisee (vocals, bass) and produced by Drew Richards (guitar), 'Bittersweet' "swaggers with attitude and Grog's caustic lyrics are delivered with a punk sneer and a mischievous grin."  

"Bittersweet is an alter ego who came to life as I wrote the song," says Grog. "Part me, part fictional, she embodies all the stuff I like about many of my fave female tv, film, and graphic novel characters.  She makes a statement about embracing yourself as you are, thorns n all. She's kick ass but not psycho, sexy and clever, fun and darkly deep.  She parties hard and rocks her talents hard."

'Bittersweet' is the first single the band has released since the tragic loss of their drummer Al Fletcher in 2016. Pushing through the turmoil and grief, the band is going full steam ahead creating music that is "harder, heavier, faster, punkier. No filler. No fat. No f*cking around. Life is short. Why wait for tomorrow." 

Die So Fluid is currently joined by their old friend and drummer Justin Bennett (Skinny Puppy, My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult), who will be recording with the band on their upcoming album One Bullet From Paradise.

Listen to 'Bittersweet' on SoundCloud


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