Exclusive Interview + Song Premiere: Party Favor "Caskets"

Published on June 9, 2017 by Jessica_Golich

Living out and achieving his dreams while traversing around the world and sharing an energy that calls for an experience that you won’t forget, EDM phenomenon, Party Favor, is in the midst of what quite possibility will be remembered as one of the greatest years of his life. Creating memories for fans worldwide with hyper beats, ceaseless drive and track after track abounding with grooves that will make you move, Party Favor is hot and taking the industry by storm. In celebration of the release of Party Favor’s new track, “Caskets”, I caught up with the man to discuss his journey as a musician, rocking a crowd, his dream collaboration and more.


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Congrats on the release of your latest track, “Caskets“. Tell us about the creative process this time around and the inspiration behind bringing this track to life.


For me, the song was different than anything I had done before. I was working with FKi 1st on some Hip-Hop stuff and he showed me this vocal he had been working on with Njomza and I really liked it and asked him, “Do you mind if I work on this for a bit?” and turned it into the song it is now. I basically heard the acapella and it really clicked, it was like everything happens for a reason and it really flowed naturally for me. It was a really cool process to work with everyone on the track especially because it was a really fun, creative and unique process that I had not done before.


Let’s create some inspiration for those who desire to follow in your footsteps and become a DJ. What influenced you to pursue being a DJ and what early obstacles did you encounter and overcome?


What influenced me was the love for the music in general. When I was first getting into electronic music, it wasn't big in the US. Even when I was in college in Southern California, it wasn't as big as it is now. So, I got into this music through mashups where they were taking electronic music from Europe and mashing it up with pop music from America. It was really cool for me because I was really attracted to the music and how it made me feel and the freshness of it. That inspired me to start sharing it with people. When I first started I didn't think it would go anywhere past just Djing in college. The rest is history after many, many,  many years. One of the major early obstacles was giving up a full time, good paying job to solely work on music and I also gave up a lot of opportunities. It was scary for me, but I took the plunge because this was my passion and it obviously worked out for me.


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As there are no real rules to being a DJ, what live performance from back in the day sticks out to you as a reflection of when you began to learn how to rock a crowd the Party Favor way and take your game to the next level?


There are no real rules to being a DJ. DJing has changed a lot since its inception from sampling old disco records, to becoming scratching turntables, to open format in nightclubs to now really anyone has access to DJ equipment. For me, the live performance that really set in motion the rest of my career so far was EDC 2014. I got to play the 7up stage and I knew there was a lot of hype for the show and I was excited to play such a big stage at the time for me and I ended up having the biggest crowd of the night for that stage and that was the first time I had played my set the way I wanted and it was a perfect blend of everything coming together. That definitely stands out as the moment when I realized this could really be a career.


Speaking of shows, any upcoming tour or festival appearances that you can fill us in about?!


I'm doing a lot of different festivals, each summer we try to do different shows or festivals I haven't done before which is exciting to me to play for different crowds in different places. Unfortunately, I'm not playing EDC this year, it would have been my fourth year in a row, but I will be there for some EDC week activities at Hakkasan. But, I've got a lot of festivals coming up. I'm playing Electric Zoo in NY and Creamfields in the UK which I'm really excited about, I've never played in England before.


What is your perception of the benefit of tattoos as means of artistic expression within society?


I don't have any tattoos so I haven't had any benefit from having any [laughs] but it's definitely something that's becoming more commonplace which I don't have any problem with. I personally don't have any because I haven't found anything that I want to put on my body for the rest of my life, but it's definitely something more common in society and if that's what you want to express on your body, it doesn't bother me in the slightest. I think if I ever got a tattoo, I wouldn't want to stop so I've definitely held off on it. But if I ever do, you can come ask me if I've gotten any benefit from them.


You seem like a guy who likes to have a good time. If you were to rally up five of your favorite humans to head to Vegas for a wild weekend, what spots would you hit up first and why?!


If I was in Vegas for a wild weekend, I would probably go to clubs, yes, Hakkasan, Jewel, Omnia and Wet Republic, totally not plugging those! But there's so much to do in Vegas! There's the roller coasters, and I would definitely go do those and skydiving which I did last year for EDC charity event and would definitely do it again.


Any dream collaborations that you’d like to bring to life in the near future?


I want to work with Elton John one day. Shout-out to Elton John, always on my guest list.


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As you were raised in Park City, Utah and now have traveled to play music around the world, do any other cities around the world remind you remotely of Park City? Does going back home feel a bit different now?


Going back home is different now, I haven't lived there in 12 years. For me, Park City is special because it has a lot of energy, it's a mountain town, everyone is really active and people are down to earth and it's constantly voted as a location people should go and visit. There was always a lot going on there when I was growing up. The closest to Park City would be like any ski or mountain towns like Colorado, places that are more laid back and active, places on the West Coast. Any place where people are active and focused on extreme sports and thing like that.


If you could sum up the year of 2017 so far with one sentence that highlights your experiences around the world, what would you say?


2017 so far has been my busiest year ever and it's been refreshing for me as I've been able to see a lot of different places all over the world! I’ve traveled to Asia three times, all over Australia, New Zealand, and I have a lot of new music coming out this year and next that I'm really, really excited about.


Last but certainly not least, any closing messages for your fans?!


My best advice to people is if you're going to go into music, you have to give it your all. Music isn't something you can really do part time or on the side. I realized that the hard way. I worried about being a DJ first rather than being a musician and making music. My best advice is to work on music. Don't worry about getting gigs and work on music that is going to set you apart from everyone else. Commit everything. I think you have to go in wholeheartedly and believe in yourself and work your butt off. There's also a little luck in it as well.


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