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Published on May 16, 2017 by Jessica_Golich
Although England Progressive Metal band, SikTh, have taken quite the extensive hiatus in the past, it is with great pleasure to share that the band is back and gearing up to release their third studio album, ‘The Future in Whose Eyes’. As a band who served to define and create the progressive metal movement, fans around the globe are trapped in a state of anticipation for what’s to come. I caught up with lead vocalist, Mikee Goodman, to discuss the upcoming release, the album artwork for ‘The Future in Whose Eyes’, tattoos and more. 
Congrats on the upcoming release of ‘The Future in Whose Eyes’. Tell us about the creative process and direction that you traveled down while bringing this album to life.
Thanks! It was a horrible and stressful process I would not want to repeat. I wrote all lyrics and vocals and was constantly getting music to create to until the last minute. It was such an intense period. We took this album along a very heavy route, it grooves and is technical but there are also psychedelic moments throughout. 
If you could pack a full house and play at any arena/stadium in the world, which place would you choose and why?
Vicarage Road, Watford. It is my football team. That would be great! If not that the Camp Nou, Barcelona is an amazing stadium, I’ve been there twice. I have not been to any stadiums in the USA, mind you.
During the songwriting process for your latest release, “Vivid”, what was your intention and the theme that you wanted to express through your lyricism?
I experienced traumatic dreams for the last few years. When I was on tour with my band Outside The Coma a few years ago, I thought I was walking around a hotel, constantly looking for the bathroom. I kept walking into other traumatic dreams whilst in that one. In the morning my friend said he watching me walking on the spot in our hotel room whilst freaking out in my dream. So, in verses and the outro, I am in the dream, then in the chorus, I am asking the negativity to leave.
Your album artwork for ‘The Future in Whose Eyes’ is quite otherworldly. Tell us about the artist that you collaborated with to bring this artistic concept to life. 
Meats Meier is an artist based in LA. He's worked with Tool and is in the band Puscifer as an art director. He's my friend and I love his style, a visionary and a genius. We wanted to make something futuristic symbolizing humanity entering a more robotic era. 
Any upcoming tour or festival appearance plans that you can fill us in about?
Yea we are due to play the main stage at Download Festival (UK) this year! It's a big deal! I've wanted to play the main stage since I was a kid. We've played Download on 3 different occasions but never the mainstage.
What is the most unique tattoo that you have ever seen and why?
I know a few amazing tattooists in the UK! Xiayah, Deryntwelve & Becca Louise are all amazing! 
If you had to give a simple explanation of Mathcore as a genre to someone who was entirely unaware, what would you say?
That is very technical music with a lot of time signatures or poly rhythms used. It is usually very heavy music also.
What is your perception of the benefit of tattoos as means of artistic expression within society?
I think it's great that people can express themselves through body art. But nowadays as tattoos are so fashionable, I don't think that is necessarily why everyone has tattoos. But if you think something looks cool, then people wear certain clothes just because they look cool, so why not get a design for the same reason. It is all different forms of expression.
What has been the most enlightening experience that you have had as a musician so far and why?
That is a big question. Maybe it's when someone is crying because they connect with lyrics or feel less alone. Maybe it's when we travel to Nepal and India to discover so many people into our music which has been spread through the internet. Going to places we thought we would never see. 
USA was a great thing too, the reaction we got nearly every night was just amazing. Even going to Japan in 2004 was an insane experience. Seeing and experiencing different cultures is s big thing for me. 
Last but certainly not least, any closing messages for your fans?
We hope you enjoy our new album and we really want to come to play the US again as soon as possible!! Rock. 


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