Exclusive Interview: Seether

Published on March 20, 2017 by Jessica_Golich
It comes as no surprise that South African Rock band, Seether, has remained consistent over nearly two decades of shedding light over notably uncanny music that sparks conversation for the entire world that is brimming with intent and purposeful lyricism. Transforming a personal tragedy into the opportunity to raise awareness behind a staggering epidemic that is plaguing modern-day society, Seether frontman, Shaun Morgan, has rallied the troops for a bigger purpose for the fifth annual ‘Rise Above’ Fest taking place in Bangor, ME on July 22nd + 23rd, 2017. I caught up with Shaun for a candid discussion of his beliefs behind society’s delicate approach toward suicide, the purpose of ‘Rise Above’ Fest, the upcoming release of ‘Poison the Parish’, tattoos and more. 


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