Exclusive Interview: Chester Bennington

Published on December 20, 2015 by Steph Castor

Over the decades, music and tattoo culture have merged to create a seamless bond between artists and listeners abroad.  A larger community of artists has been formed based on the need for personal expression and healing.  Historically, tattoos appeared on criminals, sailors, and soldiers as a means of identification.  Music, especially genre, has influenced and changed the meaning of body art over the years through idolization and positive examples, creatively speaking, set by working bands and musicians.  Tattooing has become more of an art of individual expression as opposed to markers of war, crime, and misbehavior.

Chester Bennington, frontman of Linkin Park and co-owner of the Club Tattoo franchise, sat down with Tattoo.com to discuss the relationship between ink culture and music, the growth within the industry, and his hopes for future development in tattoo technology.


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