Published on December 13, 2016 by Jessica_Golich
I saw that dome. I was under the impression that it was solely a projection that was momentary, not a 24 minute projection; that is incredible. 
Yeah. It's a 24 minute moving projection piece that takes you all through the different levels of consciousness described in the Hindu Vedas. It's a very powerful piece of media because it's made by 25 Russian and Hare Krishna devotees that are meditating all day long and using all their skills to take the art that I make and bring it into 3D. I showed a touring show with the dome. It’s been shown at different festivals and I think Bassnectar may have it at one of his events. We’ve done some shows in China, some international shows, a lot of planetarium shows. And we're doing the version of it that people can see in VR like on the DayDream and on the VIVE. I work on that for part of my time and the other project that I'm doing right now is connected to how about eight months ago, I started getting into virtual reality development. Basically, the same spirits and energies that I have been working with and connected with on my astral level of psychedelic creative exploration had given me a very directed mission to make art in VR as soon as possible. And within a few days in San Francisco, I found an opportunity to do that and it kind of shattered all previous records of mind-blowing creative digital narratives that I had ever touched on before. I tried out this one program that these guys were making as a creative VR platform and in this experience I had just a thousand different ideas of what we could do with VR and how it could unlock new areas of the brain and change the chemistry of the brain and create new neural pathways. I had so many ideas I was trying to give these guys to put into their project that I realized that I just described about five new projects. I realized that the only person that is actually capable and/or willing to take a risk to execute the ideas that I wanted to would be me. So I developed a small team of people and chose some of my favorite engineers and artists that I have known for ten years and we have been developing this project called Microdose VR. You can try your best to recreate reality in VR and it could be interesting, but I really saw the opportunity of VR as another realm and platform in which you can combine different experiences together that you would never be able to do in the real world. And for Microdose, the vision was to recreate an experience that is the highest level of a creative experience possible but also make an experience that was suitable and open to everyone, regardless of what skill level or level of creativity that they had. I believe that every human being is fundamentally a creative human being whether they're artists, dancers, or musicians. But if you haven't built your life around being an artist, can be hard to engage in one particular medium. For instance, if you have never played violin before, you're not really likely to pick up the violin because you know it is going to take 10,000 hours to get any kind of positive feedback amongst already being intimidated because there are already so many amazing violinists. VR is an equal playing field when you start off with it, so the goal is making an experience that is open to everyone. We have designed this journey where right when you get into the VR world, you are in this 360 environment that is inspired by my artwork and when you pull the triggers on the controllers, it starts shooting out this array of geometrical, psychedelic fireworks.
You know, this can potentially serve to awaken individuals to their buried beneath abilities and creative potential.
Definitely. I realized that as amazing as it is to be a musician, artist, dancer, etc., we are still in this box. As amazing as a box that it is, it is a box that limits us. VR was kind of a world without limits, and it'll take several years, but I basically wanted to create a new type of art form that was able to combine the three types of intelligences (analytical, creative, practical) together. For instance, as you're dancing, it turns into this living visual sculpture around you. And we have it now where every time you use it, a different particle is connected with different sounds and pieces from different parts of music. Right now, we have an experience that as you are moving and dancing through the world, every particle that you use activates a different stem of a song, so you are actually able to remix music in 360 and see the music; sculpt the piece of music or dance the sculpture into existence. That is where things are going. I do want to make something where you strap on his headset and it has sensors that sense your heart rate and your brain states and waves which leads to the piece generating a world around you based off of your biofeedback. What I like about that is that there is a part of your body that cannot lie and being able to use that data to actually create a world that you can interact with. Eventually, technology is going to allow us to shape and sculpt the brain states that we desire; it's fascinating. 


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