Published on December 13, 2016 by Jessica_Golich
Wow. As you express yourself, I am here musing upon the cyclic nature of this experience. It is more than likely apparent what this precious little girl is encountering and what she is going through internally could potentially be showcased through her disposition. Especially at her young age with what the media presents these days; superficial is superficial. I can only imagine how powerful that was for you to recollect on your experience through this little girl. 
It was interesting. I even started tearing up as I was saying this. I kind of thought that I have done a lot of work around it and a lot of healing, but I was actually surprised as to how much sadness there still is inside. I didn't really do a lot of therapy around it. My parents were really amazing and supportive; everyone was. But, you know, back in 1987, that wasn't really around. I have always felt a little different, but those differences were kind of subjective and this was a clue from the universe stating that I was objectively different than everyone else around me now. I really didn't feel like being around people or engaging with people, but, making art was the one thing I used to distract me. It took my mind off of it. Art became the best way for me to communicate with people. I was much more comfortable putting my feelings and emotions into a drawing and using that as a form of communication than seeing someone face to face, having a conversation, or putting my physical body out there for awhile. 
So, do you perceive that art correlates with human consciousness?
Well, for me, I think that art is my favorite tool for sheer exploration of my own human consciousness. I'm the kind of guy that likes working in really long, concentrated chunks of time. I think most artists first have to get over their inner critic, block out the insecurities and get through by letting the day wash over them. I mean, so many crazy things in life are happening. The owner of the warehouse fire that just broke out in Oakland, Derick, is a good friend of mine and has been for almost ten years. I turned on NBC and saw Matt Lauer eviscerate him in front of millions of people, everyone was watching my friend break down. So, there is a lot happening right now. The more that happens, the more time that I need to quiet everything and get into that stillness. It's challenging, but in terms of the exploration of consciousness, art is my active meditation. If you can find that stillness and let the voices subside, you get through the waking mind and that is where I begin to switch gears. Sometimes I will do pieces that are esoteric or inter-dimensional. Right now, I am working on a political piece that I have been working on for a few weeks. I am attracted by the Standing Rock movement that is happening right now. 
Yes. Absolutely. And it is time for artists of all mediums, such as you, to step in and translate their perceptions into artistry, because ultimately, the art is going to serve to educate and expand members of societies perception toward what is happening. On that note, are there any artists whose body of work stands out to you amongst the masses?
This artist buy the name of Chris Cooksey who does these incredible assemblages of sculptural work. Any of the guys from the Furtherrr Collective. Mars-1 or Oliver Vernon. You know, those guys are friends and they blow me away. James Jean is just a prolific legend. I think that is the theme of the art that gets me; where their passion becomes so palatable, you see the love and the passion. You can see the piece and see part of them behind it. You can almost put yourself in the situation of what it must have been like in the midst of making the piece.  For instance with James Jean, what would it be to see these lines coming out from his fingertips to his pencil to bring to life the images that he creates. Those are the kind of things that move me a lot. 
Yes. Feeling the emission of an artist's internal energy is powerful.


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