Published on December 13, 2016 by Jessica_Golich
Breathing life into souls worldwide through mind-bending digital depictions of his otherworldly inner vision, artist Android Jones is habitually bringing to life transformative and divinely woven artistic experimentations that leave viewers enamored in contemplation. The modern day mystic endowed with enigmatic characteristics displays the heart within his art through expressing soulfully rich inner facets stitched with ancient fabrics of his perception on digital canvas. Android’s masterpieces send extrasensory energy pulsating through viewers mortal containers that evoke awe while he candidly sheds egoic walls and creates dynamic artistic synergy both negative and positive in nature. Transmuting the compelling forces of his transcendental imagination on layered, kaleidoscopic works that wrestle with the rationale of mortality, I caught up with the celestial being to discuss the correlation between art and human consciousness, his current endeavors, connecting with the primordial, tattoos and more. 


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