Published on September 12, 2016 by Steph Castor

Since 2004, the theatrical pop metal act known as Alesana has been demonstrating a new and unmatched level of musical and visual performance on one stage. Originally from Raleigh, North Carolina; the heavy and innovative six piece has ventured outside of the city limits and far beyond to leave their mark on the world with five full length studio albums, two EPs, and the new highly anticipated release of The Annabel Trilogy-- an in-depth literary collection exploring the story behind the band's three concept albums-- The Emptiness (2010), A Place Where the Sun is Silent (2011), and Confessions (2015)-- released throughout the history of Alesana. Once again acting as pioneers of the industry, the members of Alesana have launched a series of lyric and music videos which marry music with the progressions of the characters in the story. Vocalist and writer Shawn Milke sat down to share some insight on the release with Tattoo.com as well as talk about the significance of art and ink culture in the work of Alesana.


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