Exclusive Album Premiere: ‘Machines’ by All Good Things

Published on October 17, 2017 by Jessica_Golich

LA rockers, All Good Things, have racked their brains to emit a potent dose of passion and authenticity throughout their release, ‘Machines’. Taking listeners on a spin away from the typical and deep into the abyss of theatrical musical bliss, expect to fist-pump your way away from the mundane from start to finish. Distorted guitars, celestial vocals, and poignant lyricism is the name of the game for the dynamic artists who have had their music featured in TV, film, gaming, live sporting events and advertising throughout the world. Here’s your first look at the Exclusive World Premiere of ‘Machines’.



"With our new album 'Machines', we have tried to stay true to the spirit and energy that won our fans over in the first place. We glorify the underdog, going all in despite the odds, surviving the unsurvivable battles, and then balls out in gloating victory!" - Liz Hooper (Bass, Keyboard, Vocals)


If you’re a fan of idiosyncratic artists such as Thirty Seconds To Mars, Imagine Dragons, Asking Alexandria, then All Good Things are the dose of rock energy that you’ve been missing out on. Check out what the LA rockers have to offer within their discography on Spotify.


Current Lineup:

Dan Murphy - Vocals, Guitar

Andrew Bojanic - Guitar, Vocals
Liz Hooper - Bass, Keyboard, Vocals
Miles Franco - Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Randy Cooke - Drums


Occasional members:
Joe Pringle - Vocals

Phil X - Guitar, Vocals
Tim Spier - Drums



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