Eridano's Tattoo and Gallery in Boston Massachusetts

Published on April 18, 2014 by Jodie Michalak


Not many tattoo shops in the Boston area can also call themselves fine art galleries. Owner and Artist of Eridano’s Tattoo and Gallery, Markus Blanchard proves his art can go from canvas to skin flawlessly.


I spoke with Laura, Shop Manager and Tattoo enthusiast at Eridano’s, and got the scoop on the gallery’s prized talent.


Please tell me about Eridano’s Tattoo and Gallery shop and the artists:

Eridano’s Gallery tattoo shop in Boston houses two resident tattoo artists, with several guest artists appearing throughout the year for special tattooing appointments. We’ve had about

10-15  other artists come into the gallery.


The owner of Eridano’s Tattoo and Gallery is artist Markus Blanchard, who’s been open since October 2013. We also have resident artist Bill Byers.


Markus focuses on dark surrealism pieces, whereas Bill Byers tends to focus on Realism. Laura explained proudly that both artists can do pretty much any style, and their work is purely custom. In fact, flash is non-existent in this tattoo shop in the Boston area, and you won’t find Mark drawing Old School  tattoos.


When it comes to tattooing trends, Laura explains “Our clients are so varied, so there really aren’t any tattoo trends in our shop, although we do seem to do lots of portraits and those are very popular.”


Describe a time where you believe Eridano’s Tattoo and Gallery truly helped someone?

In the Eridano’s Boston tattoo shop, Memorial tattoos really stick out as the most prominent form of tattooing that have the ability to truly move someone. “People cover up bad memories too, or they fix them up.”


I asked shop manager Laura how she became inspired to work behind the shop doors. “I just got into being a shop manager when I had a friend who needed someone. Before this I was a hairdresser and worked with AVEDA. I also worked on a tattoo documentary television show that traveled all over the country to meet artists, shops and different tattoo collectors.


The most interesting girl I met stood about five feet tall; she was a truck driver and was only 21 years old. She was full of horror tattoos. Just this little tiny thing. You never know who you’ll meet!”


Music seems to be common thread at Eridano’s Boston tattoo shop. Laura’s first tattoo was an F hole tattooed on her back, while Markus is busy playing drummer when he’s not inking up his body art fans. “I used to be a music show promoter,” Laura states, “Music has always been a big thing to me.”


Describe Eridano’s Tattoo and Gallery in one word:



If you’re seeking tattoo shops in the Boston area that focus on fine art, music, and body art, be sure to check out Eridano’s Tattoo and Art Gallery.


You can also view their Member Profile to leave a review, or book an appointment.


mages  courtesy (hand tattoo) Markus Blanchard and (thigh tattoo) Bill Byers Eridanos Tattoo and Gallery


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