Enthusiastic Brand/Logo Tattoos

Published on October 8, 2015 by Steph Castor

Everyone has their favorite brands when it comes to consumer products. Sometimes having a big name just makes things taste better or look prettier. Maybe some are just really passionate about marketing and like to support their favorite companies. Some people go as far as "branding" themselves with brands. Here are some enthusiastic tattoos in support of major companies. Enjoy!

If you're a caffeine addict you might be able to appreciate this bold and blue Monster Energy Drink tattoo. Monster sponsors a lot of tours and entertainment events. Perhaps there is more to this piece than just a love for the drink.

Dr. Pepper is a classic drink. This memorial tattoo of a Dr. Pepper can is likely in honor of a beloved family member who was known for drinking this sweet and tasty beverage.

Coca-Cola is a collectible brand. Antique items go for hundreds and even thousands of dollars. Maybe someday this arm will be worth even more!

Any computer nerd could potentially appreciate this tattoo, though there is a strong rivalry between Microsoft and Apple. This 3-D style emblem is vivid and a very bold choice for some permanent ink.

Who needs a $10,000 Rolex when you could get it tattooed for a fraction of the cost?! The detail in the diamonds are a close competitor to the real thing!

This fast food junkie has a chain restaurant for every finger. We hope you cleaned the French fry grease off before getting these!

This person has taken the idea of "Drive-thru" to a whole new level.

Planters Peanuts are a classic, especially when it comes to sporting events. Many products have been discontinued, but the brand is about as straight-forward and old school as it gets.

Lastly, nothing says commitment like getting a McDonald's receipt tattoo. Especially one for that total. It may be German, but they're "lovin' it."


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