Dream Catcher Tattoos

Published on May 27, 2014 by Jodie Michalak

According to Native American legend, a dream catcher hung above or near the bed will capture both your good and bad dreams. While good dreams trickle down the dream catcher’s feathers and bring more positive thoughts to you, bad dreams and negativity will be spun and caught in the web where they will perish, come sunrise.


While dream catcher tattoos continue to be one of the most popular tattoo design trends, rest assured their spirit isn’t going anywhere.


With legends and folklore from Native American tribes, the appeal of a dream catcher tattoo is mystical and appeals to both the young and the old.


If you’re considering a dream catcher tattoo, there’s a few things you’ll need to consider.


First where to place your design, and also what sort of colors will make up the palette of your dream catcher tattoo design.


Best Placement for a Dream Catcher Tattoo

Unless you plan on a minute and less detailed dream catcher tattoo, you’ll want your design to be as large as possible, so long as it isn’t too big in scale for your physique. Try to divide your body into sections visually and you’ll begin to understand the scale and ratio that looks best for a new tattoo.


Visually divide your body in half, then divide those two sections in half, and then all of those sections again, so on and so forth, until you reach the rough size you’d be happy with. That division point will help you see the ideal proportion for a larger tattoo so that it doesn’t overwhelm your frame (especially if you’re tiny)! Tattoos can be perfectly balanced and be very well suited for your body if you make this sort of measurement a part of your equation.


Many people opt for larger areas to place their dream catcher tattoo. Consider your back, outer thigh and even the outer ribcage for placement of your dream catcher.

If you want to try something a bit more interesting, why not place a dream catcher tattoo on your kneecap? If the net sits directly on the knee the strands and feather tattoo can flow right down the front of your leg. If you have shapely calves this would be an excellent way to really show them off.


If you want a smaller dream catcher tattoo you will be more limited in detail and should perhaps even consider a single color tattoo, but even so a dream catcher is still a beautiful choice. The forearm, foot, and shoulder are all suitable placement spots for a dream catcher and feather tattoo.


The Colors of Your Dream Catcher Tattoo

When planning the colors of your dream catcher tattoo it helps to also consider what tones look best on your skin. If you can wear vivid jewel tones, you may choose purple, green and mustard as a complimentary color palette.


If you have fair skin you may choose pinks, greens and black. Keep in mind the colors that flatter your skin will greatly affect the beauty of your tattoo, especially when paired with proper body placement.


As a general rule, three colors usually make the most appealing combinations. If you simply must have more color within your dream catcher tattoo, you can add to the beads and the feather tattoo so there is a less distracting variation.


Can Men Wear Dream Catcher Tattoos?

Dream catcher tattoos are a popular tattoo design for girls but they’re still a masculine design that men can wear, especially of Native American descent. Why not honor one’s culture or tribe?


 For men, dream catcher tattoos look best in dark primary hues such as dark blue paired with red and black, or perhaps a green dream catcher tattoo with yellow or orange feather tattoos. For a classic and manly design why not opt for timeless black and grey ?Consider a dream catcher tattoo on your back, bicep, back of calf, or chest and get a blissful night sleep. (Because you deserve it!)


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