Published on October 6, 2016 by Elisha Neubauer
In every line of work there are things we love doing and things we hate doing. Regardless of whether you truly enjoy your job, there will always be some task that just gets under your skin when it comes time to complete it.
In tattooing, it’s no different.
When it comes to being a tattoo artist, they are—above and beyond—an artist first. They enjoy creativity and freedom of expression. They like challenges and enjoy pushing their own limits.
So what is it that they don’t seem to enjoy doing? I myself was curious, so I decided to have a little chat with several different artists in my local area to see what they all had to say. Now, by no means is this list the end all, be all of what every artist dislikes. This is just a general list of the most mentioned tattoos that came up when I sat down with a few artists in my area.
What I noticed, from these little chats, is that the artists really prefer unique pieces. They loathe doing the same design over and over and obviously, when these tattoo trends start popping up, they tend to creep to the top of the list. Several placements made it, as well. While, as I said earlier, these are not the tattoos that absolutely EVERY artist hates to do, it should give you a good idea of what sparks your artist’s interests and what dulls their sparkle just a bit. It’s just a little something to keep in mind when planning your next tattoo outing.


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