Discuss.Tattoo Discussion Board is Now Open

Published on May 27, 2014 by Jodie Michalak

Are you tired of reading the same old things about tattoos?mail (Sorry about that.)blush


From designs and artist news or interviews the community can get tiresome after a while.no


We’d like to breathe some fresh air into the ordinary tattoo discussions, so we’ve created a discussion board where you can connect with other tattoo artists, industry professionals, enthusiasts, collectors, peepers, creepers, trolls, you know, all that good stuff.angel


From topics such as Cover-Up Tattoos, Design Ideas, Rants Not About Tattoos, Ask the Tattoo Beauty Expert (that was my idea)enlightenedkissthings will never get boring over here. And if they do, I won’t be there to see it! Lol!yes


So go with the flow…and come check us out.cool


You never know who you could meet online.devil


But at least they’ll have tattoos.smiley



No Membership Required, feast your eyes over here.crying




Jacqueline Cook's picture

Wow, this is a just awesome news for the tattoo lover. Can anybody post some interesting tattoo design for me? Thanks in advance.

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