Different Tattoos for Girls

Published on May 18, 2014 by Jodie Michalak

Are you seeking design inspiration for different tattoos for girls?


Perhaps you’re really tired of the cute owls that are perched everywhere, and maybe a bow, dream catcher, feather, dandelion, Infinity symbol and angel wings just aren’t befitting for your personality, lifestyle or interests.


Exploring a new tattoo idea can just be plain hard, especially with the mainstream appeal of tattooing, from hipsters to goth, punk and Librarians, it seems nearly everyone has at least one tattoo.


So what’s a girl to do when she just wants to be unique?


A Few Different Tattoos for Girls

Rest assured you don’t have to settle for an uninspired tattoo design. For starters you can submit a design request right here on Tattoo.com and allow our artists the opportunity to respond to your inquiries. You might be quite surprised with the suggestions of different tattoos for girls.

In the meantime, here are a few fresh different tattoos for girls.


Henna Design Styles: While the ancient art of Henna is a temporary form of body adornment, you can tattoo Mehndi for an everlasting and beautiful different tattoo for girls. Look at the many different styles and scroll patterns to find inspiration for a dainty and ornate design perfect for the hands, feet or shoulders.


Morbid: Because women are often expected to be a little more feminine and reserved, it can be quite shocking to see a gal rocking a horror tattoo. Forget the zombies or Dia de los Muertos. A creepy and different tattoo for girls may include a cemetery, a freaky doll, ghosts, an abandoned swing set, or a window with a peeking eye. Perhaps even a watcher in the woods?


Superhero: Admit it; you have a few special powers up your sleeve. Intuitive mind? Check. Fortune teller? Got it. Built in line detector? Never fails. Show the world you are Wonder Woman with a 80s inspired comic book tattoo. Placed on your thigh, forearm, or your back, you might even throw down a little Poison Ivy if the situation warrants.


Gamer Tattoos: Always a classic with the guys, how about considering a video game tattoo? Whether it’s a vintage Pac-Man tattoo or a Skylander design, video game tattoos are also a way to honor your children, especially if you’re Mother to a boy who loves to play.


Book Tattoos: Get inspired in fifty different shades with a book theme tattoo. If you’re an avid reader or a collector of books, consider inking your favorite titles along the spines. You could even build a step of books traveling up your own. Clever it is!


Album Covers- Is music life to you? Get inspired by your favorite bands and consider tattooing art from your precious album covers. Whether you listen to Death core, The Beatles, Country, Heavy Metal, or everything in between, remember music speaks and so can pictures .Why not pair the two up harmoniously?


Placement for Different Tattoos for Girls

In addition to tattoo designs, unique tattoo placement will help set your body art apart. Of course the less tattoos you have the more a single, well-placed tattoo will have impact, so it’s always a good idea to stop while you’re ahead and take a serious inventory before moving forward.


If you’ve got the space for a new design you may consider the arm pit, a knee tattoo, neck tattoo or something along your outer rib. Spine tattoos are another sexy choice especially if you have a nice curvature. Roman numerals, planets, moon phases and flowers look gorgeous trailing down a woman’s back.

With time and consideration you can plan a tattoo that’s different and that really suits you. Just think out of the box and enlist the services of a creative artist to bring your unique design to life.


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